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Bonaire nightlife leans towards the subdued side, as this Caribbean destination is mostly about the world-class diving and snorkeling. In fact, many Bonaire visitors spend the nighttime hours watching the diving-related presentations that are offered at some of the resorts. Another popular pursuit once the sun goes down is night diving. Diving at night is the perfect complement to diving during the day, as it will offer an entirely different perspective on things. If you need a break from diving, or snorkeling for that matter, there are some other Bonaire nightlife options. The casino at Divi Flamingo Beach, for example, can be an entertaining place to hang out after you grab some dinner. For gaming enthusiasts, this casino offers the best nightlife in Bonaire.

The Divi Flamingo Casino isn't akin to the kind of casinos that you can expect to find in Las Vegas, but it can fulfill the need for gaming action. In addition to a number of video games and slot machines, the casino at Divi Flamingo Beach boasts blackjack, poker, and roulette games. There is no fee to enter the casino, and if you're lucky, you just might come away with some extra money that you can apply toward renting a scooter, taking a snorkeling tour, going windsurfing at Lac Bay, or any other number of activities. The casino at Divi Flamingo Beach is part of the Divi Flamingo Resort. This resort can be found near the capital of Kralindijk, as is true of most of the Bonaire accommodations. The Kralindijk area is also home to most of the Bonaire bars.

Kralindijk isn't a large city, but as far as Bonaire is concerned, it's the main metropolis. The majority of the Bonaire bars can either be found at the waterfront in Kralindijk or at the area hotels and resorts. As such, the capital offers the best nightlife in Bonaire. If you're not too worn out from diving and you want to do some dancing, the island is devoid of any true nightclubs. There is one bar in Kralindijk that offers some nightclub qualities, however, and it can be found along the main strip that is Kaya Grandi. Coincidentally, this main avenue in town is also home to shops and restaurants.

As far as the best nightlife in Bonaire is concerned, the beach resorts are often the places to be. On any given night, you might expect to see a live band playing at one of the resorts, and more often than not, these concerts are advertised. Captain Don's Habitat, which is one of the most popular dive resorts on the island, offers live music on weekends, for example. This resort also offers popular underwater slide shows on Friday nights.

The underwater slide shows that some of the Bonaire resorts put on at night are extremely popular with visitors, especially those who are diving enthusiasts. Captain Don's Habitat puts on some of the best shows, but there are other options worth considering. If you'd rather be in the water, the diving doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. When night diving in Bonaire, fish are often attracted to the lights, which allows for some interesting, up-close viewing.

Bonaire nightlife might not be as lively as the nightlife on some of the other Caribbean islands, but that's part of the island's charm. This is a laid-back destination where enjoying the great outdoors is the main priority. Eco-adventures are what the tourists come for, and often times, there just isn't enough energy at the end of the day for going to bars or clubs. Nightlife enthusiasts won't be without some good options on a Bonaire vacation, however, and the bars and clubs can get especially lively during the peak October to April travel season.

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