Pink Beach Bonaire

Pink Beach Bonaire is an excellent beach to visit if you want to do some snorkeling. It's also good for scuba diving, or as a great spot for relaxing picnics. The views at Pink Beach are idyllic, and since the beach lacks refreshment stands, many visitors come armed with coolers that are full of food and drink. There aren't any equipment rental stands here either, so anyone hoping to do some diving or snorkeling at Pink Beach will have to bring their own equipment.

As is true of the pink beaches on the island of Bermuda, Pink Beach Bonaire boasts sand that is of a pinkish color. This pinkish sand is the result of corals that were broken down into sand over time by the surf. The strip of sand at Pink Beach is relatively narrow, and it is arguably best enjoyed on weekdays. On weekends, it tends to get crowded, especially since many Bonaireans make the short commute from nearby Kralendijk. The lovely panoramic setting of the beach is partly responsible for attracting the multitudes on the weekends. People also come to enjoy the excellent snorkeling and diving at Pink Beach.

While Pink Beach Bonaire was heavily damaged by a storm in 1999, it still retains plenty of appeal. The reef found offshore is also worthy of attention in spite of the fact that it was damaged by the same storm. The surf is relatively gentle, so if you're planning on going diving or snorkeling at Pink Beach, the entrance into the water should be easy to negotiate. There is a buoy about 50 yards off the shore that hints at the drop off. The drop off starts at a depth of about 35 feet, and it sinks down to around 90 feet.

While snorkeling or diving at Pink Beach, you are bound to an array of colorful fish, regardless of how deep you go. The clarity of the water makes for good viewing, not to mention excellent photo opportunities, so you might bring an underwater camera. Thanks to the Bonaire Marine Park, the waters that surround the island of Bonaire are known for their cleanliness and clarity, which in turn lends to the quality of the diving or snorkeling experience.


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