Bonaire Resorts

Bonaire Resort
Bonaire Resort

Bonaire resorts are known for being laid back, and they are also known for providing Bonaire visitors with everything that they will need to enjoy a satisfying trip. At dive resorts such as the Divi Flamingo and Buddy Dive Resort, the focus is on the island's world-class scuba diving. As such, these resorts feature quality dive shops. They also offer excellent dive and stay packages. Even if you stay at one of the Bonaire resorts that does not boast a dive shop, arranging diving adventures should still be a breeze. After all, diving is what most Bonaire visitors come for.

The resorts on the Netherlands Antilles island of Bonaire aren't as large as the sprawling Caribbean resorts that can be found in other destinations, such as the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The relative intimacy that the Bonaire resorts offer is part of the reason why they are able to maintain such low-key atmospheres. The abundant sunshine and stunning Caribbean Sea views also help guests get into a relaxed state of mind. All of the resorts in Bonaire can be found on the coast, as water-related activities such as diving and snorkeling figure among the top things to do. This island might not boast the best beaches in the Caribbean, but there are many good strips of sand to relax on. Several of the beach resorts in Bonaire have imported soft sand to add to the appeal of their seafront grounds.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Harbour Village Beach Club
Harbour Village Beach Club

There aren't tons of Bonaire resorts to choose from, though visitors should find that the selection is more than sufficient. For those who are interested in staying at one of the luxury resorts in Bonaire, it's hard to top the Harbour Village Beach Club. The beachfront villas at this upscale resort figure among the best accommodations on the island, and while the standard rooms are relatively small, they are well outfitted. Outside of the attractive guest units, the facilities are quite complete, and they include one of the best restaurants on the island. A spa, a handful of tennis courts, a dive center, and a marina also figure among the facilities. It's worth noting that anyone who is interested in going sailing on a Bonaire vacation can rent a small sailboat at the Harbour Village Marina.

The Harbour Village Beach Club tops the list of luxury resorts in Bonaire, though it's not the only upscale retreat to choose from. The Plaza Resort also offers a considerable amount of amenities for guests to enjoy. Life is easy at the beach resorts in Bonaire, and it's no different at the Plaza Resort. This 200-unit resort is one of the largest hotels on the island, and the suites and villas are quite spacious. General facilities include tennis courts, an excellent outdoor pool, a spa, a dive shop, and a marina. The Plaza Resort Bonaire isn't as luxurious as the Harbour Village Beach Club, though it does offer the most comprehensive list of activities for its guests to enjoy. As is true of most of the Bonaire resorts, including Harbour Village, the Plaza Resort can be found on the leeward side of the island near Kralendijk. This side of the island is where the best diving and snorkeling is found.

LacBaai Bonaire
LacBaai Bonaire

Most of the beach resorts in Bonaire fall into the mid-range category, and one of the best is LacBaai. Unlike the bulk of the Bonaire resorts, LacBaai can be found on the windward coast. Lac Bay is a great windsurfing destination, and this resort can provide visitors with everything that they will need to enjoy the sport. For those who are interested in staying at one of the luxury resorts in Bonaire, the villas at the Lac Bay Resort could well fit the bill. Smaller studios and apartments are also available. Also found on Lac Bay is the Sorobon Beach Resort. As the name would imply, this resort overlooks Sorobon Beach, which is the only beach on the island where nudism is permitted. Much like the beach that it sits on, the Sorobon Beach Resort embraces the nudist approach.

Sand Dollar Condominium Resort
Sand Dollar Condominium Resort

These are some of the most popular beach resorts in Bonaire, and there are others that are worth considering. The Sand Dollar Condominium Resort is another popular Bonaire resort, partly because of the fact that just offshore is the Bari Reef. Other standouts among the Bonaire resorts include the Coral Paradise Resort and the Eden Beach Resort. These intimate resorts offer good rates that help to make them popular with travelers. The Eden Beach Resort is the cheaper of the two, and many budget-minded travelers have it at the top of their Bonaire lodging list.

As a side note, Bonaire offers some beach hotels that are also worth keeping in mind, provided that you aren't interested in a vacation rental property. In many ways, the beach hotels are similar to the beach resorts, and it can be hard to make the distinction when it comes to deciding where to stay. Whether you are thinking of staying at a beach hotel or a beach resort on your Bonaire escape, all inclusive packages and other kinds of special offers are usually available through travel companies or the hotels and resorts themselves.

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