Bonaire Land Sailing

Bonaire Land Sailing
Bonaire Land Sailing

Bonaire land sailing is a blast, and more and more visitors to the island are choosing to add it their itineraries. For Bonaire visitors who prefer the more traditional kind of sailing, getting out on the water is also possible, not to mention relatively easy. Bonaire is completely surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, and the same can be said about the neighboring islet of Klein Bonaire. Also known as Little Bonaire Island, Klein Bonaire is the destination of choice for many Bonaire sailing excursions, as it boasts fantastic beaches and some excellent dive sites. On a sailing vacation in Bonaire, there are plenty of neat places to visit, and many of them are world-class dive sites.

Bonaire land sailing is different than sailing on the water, but it's also similar. You still rely on the island's consistent trade winds for propulsion. Land sailing is akin to windsurfing, only it's done on land. Unlike windsurfers, land sailors sit in a three-wheeled contraption that is called a blokart as opposed to standing on a board. The flatter southern side of the island is the place to go for Bonaire land sailing, and there is at least one local company that can provide you with all the necessary equipment. Since the land sailing terrain is rough and dry, anyone who hopes to try this fun sport should wear protective clothing of some kind, as well as eyewear to keep the dust out.

When you're not doing some land surfing on your Bonaire escape, the sea will likely be calling. Sailing trips in Bonaire can revolve around sightseeing, diving, or snorkeling. They can also revolve around all three activities. The sailing charters in Bonaire tend to make more snorkeling stops than they do diving ones. This has a lot to do with the fact that the waters that surround Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are part of the Bonaire Marine Park. Boats are not allowed to drop anchor within the park boundaries, as anchors can cause damage to the reefs. When snorkeling on a Bonaire sailing excursion, it is easier stay near the boat than it is when diving, as the boat will drift with the currents. That being said, divers should find that the relative lack of strong currents and underwater surges off the leeward coast are agreeable in terms of staying near the boat. Dive moorings are spread out at some of the top diving destinations, and they can come in handy when it comes to keeping the boat in place.

Bonaire has been tied to sailing for centuries on end, and the island has quite a reputation for turning out world-class sailors. So attached to sailing is Bonaire that a sailing compass is depicted on the island's flag. The island even holds an annual event that revolves around sailing. The International Sailing Regatta has been held in Bonaire for more than 30 years, and it features a variety of watercraft races that are both fun to watch and compete in. If you don't have the skills to compete in the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta, you can always take some lessons on your visit to the island and come back the following year to test your merit.

As is true of the sailing charters in Bonaire, sailing lessons are relatively easy to arrange. The capital of Kralendijk is the main town on the island, and it's where the bulk of the Bonaire sailing charters and sailing lessons are arranged. People of all ages can take sailing lessons in Bonaire, and it may be next to impossible to find better teachers. In addition to some good sailing teachers, Bonaire also boasts good sailing conditions. This is especially true on the leeward side, or west coast, as the waters are calmer than they are on the east coast. The east coast of Bonaire is known as the windward coast, as it takes the brunt of the island's consistent trade winds.

The sailing charters in Bonaire can take visitors out for a few hours or a few days, and it's often possible to set your own itinerary. The shorter charters usually come in the form of dinner cruises or romantic sunset cruises. It's also possible to head out in the morning or afternoon for some sightseeing if you prefer. For Bonaire visitors who have their own yacht or sailboat, the large mooring area that can be found the harbor in Kralendijk can be used for docking when you're not out exploring. The Plaza Marina and the marina at the luxurious Harbour Village Resort are also available for visiting sailors who want to park their craft. It's worth noting that small boats can be rented at Harbour Village, as long as you can demonstrate the fact that you know what you're doing.

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