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Bonaire car rental companies can be found at the airport, and many travelers rely on them for getting from the terminal to their hotel or vacation rental. If you are not interested in having a car or driving on your Bonaire vacation, other transportation options are available. Taxis are easy to hire at the airport, and while they have fixed rates, these rates are reasonable. Should you be heading to Lac Bay or Sorobon Beach, the taxi ride will be more expensive. Public transportation in Bonaire is virtually nonexistent, in which case renting a car and relying on taxis are popular options for getting around.

Car Rental in Bonaire
Car Rental in Bonaire

While there are a few different Bonaire transportation options, nothing beats the freedom of having a car. When you choose to go with a Bonaire car rental, the main roads can take you to all the top destinations. The main highway on the island runs along the leeward side of the island, or west coast. This coast is where the bulk of the diving and snorkeling are done, and it's also where the majority of the Bonaire hotels can be found. Should you want to venture inland to Rincon, the highway splits not long before you hit 1000 Steps. All the main roads converge at the capital of Kralendijk, and this includes the road to Lac Bay.

As you venture into the northern reaches of the island in your Bonaire car rental, the driving becomes more difficult, especially within the boundaries of Washington Slagbaai National Park. It's best to rent a 4WD vehicle if you want to tackle the relatively tough terrain of Bonaire's northern region. While there are good roads in Bonaire, there are also some bad ones. This is part of the reason why public transportation in Bonaire isn't available. There's also the fact that the island is small and that it is dedicated to conservation. The more buses and trains you have, the more congestion and pollution you end up with, and this isn't the Bonaire way.

Bonaire Scooter Rental
Bonaire Scooter Rental

Dive sites and beaches line the leeward coast of Bonaire, and the bulk of these coveted destinations offer parking of some kind. As such, you can pack up your scuba gear and venture off to destinations such as Karpata as you please. This won't be as easy to do when you rent a scooter, as it will be harder to transport your gear. Scooters, much like cars, are relatively easy to rent in Bonaire, and they can be ideal for short side trips to deserted beaches. Whereas you only have to be eighteen years old to rent a moped or scooter in Bonaire, you will have to be at least 21 to 25 years old to rent a car depending on the company. You will also need a valid driver's license from your home country. More often than not, you will be given a map and a copy of the Bonaire driving rules when you rent a motorized vehicle.

Bonaire transportation isn't limited to motorized vehicles, and it also isn't limited to the ground. Biking around the island can be a lot of fun, especially for those who are physically fit. The flat, southern area is the easiest to contend with if you're pedaling. Up north where the hills rise, mountain biking is popular. Most of Bonaire is relatively flat, and the main road is one of the favored biking routes. This route takes riders along the edge of the Caribbean Sea, and the views are very rewarding. As for getting off the land for a while, sailing is a popular Bonaire pastime. Travelers who don't have their own boats can rent a boat at the Harbour Village Marina and venture out to Klein Bonaire for some sightseeing and snorkeling. It's also possible to book a sailing charter or hop on a water taxi to get to Klein Bonaire, and kayaking out is always an option.

Since the majority of the top dive sites in Bonaire are close to shore, it's not necessary to hop in a boat if you want to access them. Shore diving is the diving style of choice, and it involves nothing more than putting your gear on, entering the water at a chosen point along the shore, and swimming out to wherever you want to dive. The protected waters of the Bonaire Marine Park extend from the high water mark out to where the water reaches a depth of around 200 feet, and there is plenty to see while diving in them.

Since the dive resorts border the sea and are close to great dive sites, you might not need to worry about transportation during your Bonaire trip, outside of getting to and from the airport or cruise port. The dive resorts offer everything that guests will need to enjoy a fun and rewarding stay, and it's easy to book guided tours that take care of transportation if you want to venture off to destinations such as Lac Bay or the Flamingo Sanctuary.

Many different kinds of Bonaire vacation packages are available, and they are worth checking out. Many of these packages take care of all your Bonaire transportation needs, as well as other things, such as lodging and airfare. There might not be any options when it comes to public transportation in Bonaire, but getting around is about as easy as can be. It's also relatively affordable thanks to the island's small size. That being said, anyone who is thinking of renting a car should know that gas is usually expensive.


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