Bonaire Rentals

Vacations to Bonaire
Vacations to Bonaire

Bonaire rentals are popular with visitors who enjoy self-sufficient accommodations when vacationing. The Bonaire house rentals, or villas, are especially attractive, as they tend to offer the most in the way of added space and privacy. Many of the villa rentals on the island offer a considerable amount of luxury, as is true of the condos and apartments, and this helps to make up for the relative lack of luxury hotels. There are Bonaire rentals to fit a range of tastes and preferences, and if you don't need the extra space, you can pass on a house rental for an apartment or condo.

Bonaire Rentals
Bonaire Rentals

Most of the vacation rental properties that can be found on the small island of Bonaire are clustered in and around the capital of Kralendijk. The beaches to the north and south of Kralendijk offer fantastic access to top dive sites such as the Bari Reef, and the snorkeling is also excellent if you want a break from diving. House rentals, apartments, and condos are all available for rent along the beaches on the leeward side, and hotels such as the Sand Dollar Condominium Resort blend the hotel experience with the vacation rental experience. Many of the Bonaire beach hotels and resorts offer timeshare units that guests can rent. When these guests aren't relaxing in their comfortable apartment or villa, they can access the amenities. These amenities typically include a dive shop, one or more restaurants, at least one swimming pool, and an enticing strip of sand to relax on.

Bonaire Homes
Bonaire Homes

Whether you are interested in booking one of the apartment rentals in Bonaire or you prefer a condo or home, you can expect to enjoy a fine array of amenities. The more expensive Bonaire rentals are known to offer things like a private pool, a beautiful kitchen with granite counter tops, and luxurious bathrooms. Even if your rental doesn't boast these extras, it is bound to be well equipped. Rare is the rental property that is lacking kitchen facilities of some kind, and more often than not, internet access, and a home entertainment center are standard. The home entertainment centers tend to be comprised of a television, a DVD player, and a stereo or MP3 players. Since Bonaire is warm year round, you can also expect to have access to air conditioning in your Bonaire rental.

Whereas the larger Bonaire house rentals are ideal for families or other groups that could benefit from some extra space, some of the apartment and condos are relatively spacious themselves. For couples who are enjoying a romantic escape, perhaps a honeymoon, a one-bedroom condo will likely suffice, while families will likely prefer a two- or three-bedroom unit. When there is a need for more than three bedrooms, that's where the Bonaire house rentals come in. A five-bedroom vacation home on the banks of the Caribbean Sea can be an ideal fit for small groups. Whether you rent a home or an apartment, the bulk of the Bonaire rentals offer fantastic views of the Caribbean Sea, and more often than not, you'll have a private balcony, terrace, or patio from which to savor them.

There are some inland rentals in Bonaire, but if you're interested in renting a home or condo in the historic town of Rincon, there aren't a lot of options. You certainly won't have any luck locating a Rincon beach rental, as the town isn't found on the coast. That being said, the main road along the leeward coast connects Kralendijk to Rincon, and it doesn't take very long to get between the two towns. Most of the travelers who decide to stay at one of the home or apartment rentals in Bonaire rent a car to make life easier in terms of transportation. Public transportation is lacking on the island, and in addition to renting a car, Bonaire visitors can also equip themselves with a moped or scooter for side trips to beaches and snorkeling sites.

Bonaire Vacations
Bonaire Vacations

While most of the Bonaire rentals can be found on the western side, there are some options on the windward side as well. Lac Bay is the top place to look for accommodations on the east coast, and while freestanding rentals are rare on this side, there are some rentals that are attached to the resorts. At the Kontiki Beach Club and Lac Bay Resort, for example, it is possible to rent an attractive studio or apartment. You can also rent a freestanding villa. If your rental unit at Kontiki doesn't enjoy views of the bay, it will likely look out over the mangroves to the north. These mangroves are best explored in a kayak, and guided tours are available. Windsurfing, however, is the activity of choice at Lac Bay, and it can be enjoyed by windsurfers of all levels, even beginners.

The home and apartment rentals in Bonaire can be found in all the right spots, and they are the perfect complement to the island's hotels and resorts. When booking a stay at one of the Bonaire rentals, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for special deals. Often, a specific rental can be included in a vacation package that can also include perks such as a rental car and unlimited diving! As for travel costs, Bonaire is a relatively expensive travel destination, though there are some ways to go about saving some money. October to April is the peak travel season in this part of the world, and this is when the hotel rates are at their highest. As such, anyone interested in a cheap vacation to Bonaire can start by planning an off season visit. Their truly isn't a bad time to visit Bonaire, and while the island never gets crowded, word is getting out about all the tantalizing travel possibilities.

Bonaire is a laid-back travel destination, and there are just enough activities to choose from when the urge to get up and get active sets in. The Bonaire vacation packages often include activities, and they can also include a rental car, your accommodations at a hotel or rental property, and even some or all of your meals. All inclusive packages exist for those who want to have everything covered.

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