Bonaire Villas

Bonaire Villas
Bonaire Villas

Bonaire villas exist in good number to satisfy the needs of travelers who want more than the standard hotel room can offer. Most of the villa rentals in Bonaire are relatively luxurious. You can also expect the bulk of the rentals on this small Caribbean island to be near the sea. The Rincon villas, of which there are few, are about the only inland options, with some other choices found near destinations such as Lac Bay and Sorobon Beach.

Bonaire visitors who want added space and amenities when it comes to their accommodations should find the island's villa rentals to be ideal. Bonaire isn't a large island, so it's relatively easy to get around to all the top destinations wherever your villa may be found. Most of the island's hotels are near the capital of Kralendijk, and they are popular with visitors. The Kralendijk villa rentals are also popular with Bonaire visitors, especially families that are interested in spacious, self-catering accommodations. There are some good beaches in and around the capital, and the villas tend to be a short walk from the water. This is good news for snorkelers and divers. Easy access to a beach isn't the only thing that the Kralendijk villa rentals have to offer. Fully equipped kitchens, patios or sundecks, and multiple bedrooms also come standard. Other amenities that you can expect when you stay at one of the seaside Bonaire villas are ample furnishings, cable or satellite TV, a DVD/CD player, internet access, and the all important air conditioning.

While most of the villa rentals in Bonaire are upscale properties, some surpass others in terms of overall quality. A waterfront villa with a dazzling pool can make an excellent travel base, and serious divers will find villas that boast cleaning stations for scuba diving equipment. In the more luxurious units, the kitchens and bathrooms lean towards the immaculate side, with granite and marble accents to add an elegant edge. As for travelers who want to save some money on their villa rentals in Bonaire, less luxurious properties are available. Even if your Bonaire villa doesn't boast granite counter tops in the kitchen and a sparkling, marble bathroom, it will usually still be quite nice. Most of the villas on the island, regardless of their rates, have swimming pools. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is hard for villa owners to attract prospective guests without one.

The Bonaire villas are among the most attractive accommodations on the island, especially for travelers who want a break from the hotel or resort experience. When you stay at a Bonaire villa, it's almost as if you never left home. They truly offer a home-away-from-home experience, not to mention a level of privacy that most hotels can not provide. Some of the Bonaire vacation packages can include a stay in one of the island's villas, and even if you're not booking a package deal, they are worth keeping in mind. The Kralendijk villa rentals are the most abundant, and most visitors don't bother looking any further. In addition to being close to the shops and restaurants in the capital, these villa rentals also offer easy access to the main port and the divine destination of Klein Bonaire.


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