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Bonaire travel can be enjoyed year round, as this warm, Caribbean island in the Netherlands Antilles enjoys excellent weather any time of year. The air temperatures hover around 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year in Bonaire, and the same can be said about the temperature of the area waters. The waters that surround Bonaire are part of the Bonaire Marine Park, and they are ideal for diving and snorkeling regardless of the month or the time of day.

Travel to Bonaire
Travel to Bonaire

While Bonaire travel can be enjoyed year round, there are some things to consider. These things include annual events and festivals. In October, the Bonaire International Regatta is held, and it's an especially enjoyable event for sailing enthusiasts.

Also worth considering are the Bonaire seasons. These seasons have just as much to do with the tendencies of travelers as they do the weather. When it comes to the Bonaire seasons, there are the travel seasons and then there are the seasons as they pertain to weather and climate. The peak travel season runs from October to April, and according to many, this is the best time to travel to Bonaire. While it's cold up north during the winter, it's warm in Bonaire, hence the popularity of a winter visit.

In terms of climate, there are really only two Bonaire seasons. These seasons include the rainy season and the dry season. December through March is the rainy season, and while you can expect a daily downpour during this period, the rain doesn't usually fall for long before the sun reemerges. As for the warmest months in Bonaire, they are August and September. Some travelers put Bonaire travel on hold during these months due to the increase in heat and the fact that it is also likely warm where they live.

While the increased heat of summer might turn some prospective Bonaire visitors away, the stronger tradewinds encourage windsurfing enthusiasts to make a break for Lac Bay. Summer is when the winds are at their strongest on the island's east coast. As such, windsurfing enthusiasts are likely to consider summer as the best time to travel to Bonaire. As is true of all the activities that can be enjoyed on a Bonaire vacation, windsurfing can be enjoyed year round.

Travelers who are wondering when to go to Bonaire could essentially drop the names of all twelve months in a hat and pick one. This really is a fantastic destination regardless of the month. The water is calm and clear on the leeward side throughout the year, so there's never a bad time to dive or snorkel, and while the island isn't known for its beaches, the beaches that do exist are idyllic in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. As for a hurricane season, Bonaire doesn't really have one, as it is located outside of the Caribbean hurricane zone. On an annual basis, there is less than a three percent chance of the island being affected by a hurricane.

When it comes down to it, the best time to travel to Bonaire is whenever you can free up the time and the funds. The most popular things to do in Bonaire can literally be enjoyed on virtually any given day, with some weather interruptions to contend with from time to time. The bulk of the weather issues have to do with the rain and the muddy roads that they can create. Other than that, it's pretty much fun in the sun all the time.

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