Bonaire Windsurfing

Bonaire windsurfing is renowned for its quality, with the east coast of the island being prime windsurfing territory. Bonaire's east coast is also known as the windward coast, and this is due to the consistent trade winds. The trade winds that help to make Bonaire windsurfing so ideal usually range between 15 and 25 knots between the months of December and August, and between 10 and 20 knots the rest of the year. The months of May and June are when the pros show up, and it can be fun to watch them when you're not doing your own windsurfing, or if you are not interested in trying out this sport.

Windsurfing in Bonaire
Windsurfing in Bonaire

All of the best places to windsurf in Bonaire can be found on the island's east coast, with Lac Bay taking top honors. This beautiful bay is protected by a barrier reef, and part of the island of Bonaire also helps to protect the relatively shallow Lac Bay waters. While the winds are strong at Lac Bay, the water remains calm due to its protective barriers. This makes for ideal windsurfing conditions, even for beginners. Intermediate windsurfers will find some relatively choppy areas that they can take advantage of at Lac Bay, and the advanced windsurfer can up the excitement by challenging the rougher outer edges.

Windsurf Bonaire
Windsurf Bonaire

When you're not hanging out at Lac Bay Beach, you can take the short trip over to one of the other best places to windsurf in Bonaire. Sorobon Beach also enjoys a privileged location on Lac Bay, and windsurfing companies are set up at this beach for those who want to rent some equipment. The Bonaire windsurfing companies that can be found on windward coast also offer lessons for those who need some help with their technique. According to these companies, there is no better place on earth to learn how to windsurf.

Bonaire windsurfing packages are available in good number at many of the island's resorts, including Sorobon Beach (the only nudist resort on the island) and Lac Bay Resort. These resorts offer unparalleled access to the best places to windsurf in Bonaire. For those who want to do more than windsurf on their Bonaire escape, the various travel packages can also include other activities, such as scuba diving and sailing.

The Bonaire windsurfing packages come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one that suits your needs. Some of the packages include a vacation rental stay instead of a hotel stay, so you can choose accordingly. Bonaire windsurfing packages are available throughout the year, and more often than not, the best deals are to be had from May through August. Interestingly enough, the summer months are when the highest of high winds hit Bonaire's windward coast. This means that anyone who takes advantage of the summer deals will not only save some money. They will also get to enjoy what many consider to be the best conditions.

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