Anegada is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for travelers who are looking to get away from it all, as this mostly pristine island is all but devoid of humans. Anegada Island is the most northern of the British Virgin Islands, and it is also the most unique. Whereas the other main islands in the BVI archipelago were formed by volcanic activity and are rugged and hilly, Anegada is flat and was formed from limestone and coral. The highest point on the island is barely more than 25 feet above sea level. Surrounding Anegada Island is the Caribbean's largest barrier coral reef, and this notorious reef has claimed more than its fair share of ships. As such, anyone interested in taking a boat to the island should be very sure of their intended route.

Horseshoe Reef is the fourth largest barrier coral reef in the world. While it used to be a popular diving spot, the British Virgin Islands government has prohibited boats from anchoring on it. There is a dive operator on Anegada Island, and this company is allowed to take visitors underwater for a look. Numerous ships have met their fate at the hands of Horseshoe Reef, and these submerged vessels make for some of the most interesting dive sites in the Caribbean. The San Ignacio is one of the ships that can be visited by those who choose to go scuba diving on Anegada vacations, and there are many others worth considering. The San Ignacio was hired by Spain to transport troops and a new Governor to Cartagena. After being bumped around by Horseshoe Reef, the ship was bombarded by English warships and eventually sank. Most of the crew perished. The year was 1742, which means that this dive site has lots of history.

Scuba diving is one of the top things to do in Anegada British Virgin Islands, and you can also find great snorkeling sites. There isn't much else to do on the island, as there are very few frills here. In fact, most of the island is a nature reserve. The interior of the island is home to an array of animals, including cattle, donkeys, and goats, and the rare rock iguana can sometimes be spotted. The rock iguanas can measure over six feet in length, and they are relatively harmless reptiles.

The National Parks Trust of the BVI established a flamingo colony on Anegada Island, so birding enthusiasts are bound to enjoy a visit. Other birds that can be viewed around the island include herons, terns, and ospreys. Since Anegada travel is increasing in popularity, the animals, not to mention the almost 300 human residents, will likely have to start sharing their tranquil environment with more and more people.

In addition to scuba diving and keeping an eye out for interesting creatures on land, the list of things to do in Anegada British Virgin Islands also includes relaxing on the beach. Some BVI residents have gone as far as to call this island one big beach, and there are miles of sandy stretches to enjoy. These Anegada beaches figure among the most primitive beaches in the British Virgin Islands, and they are usually deserted. Anegada Island is about 30 miles east of Tortola, and its relatively isolated location helps to keep the tourist numbers down and the beaches empty. For those who want to essentially have a beach to themselves, Anegada is an ideal destination.

Many different words could be used to describe Anegada Island, and laid-back is one of them. Visitors to this coral atoll essentially come to escape from the real world, and while there aren't any resorts or luxury Anegada hotels to choose from, the available accommodations should more than suffice. In addition to a few hotels, the island also boasts a few restaurants that are mostly known for their seafood. Dining on fresh lobster is one of the top things to do in Anegada British Virgin Islands, and visitors who aren't in the mood for seafood can always order barbecue chicken, some ribs, or something in this vein. Seafood lovers can always try to catch their own meals. Anegada is an excellent bone fishing destination, and visitors can also arrange deep sea excursions.

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