Virgin Gorda Baths

The Virgin Gorda Baths figure among the most spectacular natural wonders in the British Virgin Islands. Found on the southwest shore of the island of Virgin Gorda, these rocky outcroppings are found where the beach meets the sea. A series of caves and pools are located amidst the huge rocks that are strewn about the main beach here that visitors can explore. Nothing short of spectacular, the beaches at the Baths at Virgin Gorda have to be seen to be believed, and you might bring snorkeling equipment along on a visit, not to mention your camera.

The warm pools that can be found where the turquoise sea meets the large rocks at Virgin Gorda Baths are very inviting, and people of all ages can enjoy them. In addition to basking in these natural pools, visitors to the beaches at the Baths at Virgin Gorda can explore a variety of caves and swim through tunnels that have been created by erosion. Hailed by many as being the best Virgin Gorda beach, this half-mile stretch of sand at the Baths is a natural wonderland, and rare is the visitor who isn't impressed. It's easy to understand why this is one of the top attractions in the British Virgin Islands.

The beaches at the Baths at Virgin Gorda boast soft, white sand and warm, turquoise waters. Staring out to sea from the beaches in this protected area, you'll be able to spot the islands of Tortola, Beef Island, and Scrub Island. Some of the best views can be enjoyed from the renowned restaurant that overlooks the Virgin Gorda Baths below. As for accommodations, some very attractive villas can be found in the area, and they offer a home away from home experience that is hard to match.

When visitors aren't enjoying some food and drink at the excellent hilltop restaurant or exploring the boulder-filled beach, there are other beaches in the Baths at Virgin Gorda vicinity that deserve a look. Hiking the rocky and wooded path to nearby Devil's Bay Beach is a rewarding pursuit, and anyone interested in doing some snorkeling is bound to like the beach at Spring Bay. Also considered by many to be the best Virgin Gorda Beach, the beach at Spring Bay features soft sand and calm, clear waters that are ideal for both snorkeling and swimming.

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