Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club is widely regarded as being the resort of choice in the British Virgin Islands for anyone who is looking to enjoy some sailing and diving. A rather lively resort, the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda enjoys an ideal location on a deep-water harbor, and visitors can choose from a variety of water crafts if they want to get out on the open water. Free introductory sailing courses are offered for those who need someone to show them the ropes. When you're not sailing around the unspoiled harbor at the Bitter End Yacht Club, there will be plenty of other interesting ways to keep busy.

Bitter End Yacht Club Rooms
Bitter End Yacht Club Rooms

There are lots of fun things to do at Bitter End BVI, and sailing is just one of the options. Hanging out on the beach is another. The beach at this resort is relatively thin, but the sand is soft and inviting. When rest and relaxation is the aim, kicking back in one of the beachfront cabanas can be an excellent way to spend some time. These small cabanas are perfect for two, and they feature shades that add some privacy. When looking to relax, Bitter End Yacht Club visitors can also treat themselves to a soothing session at the resort's spa. Treatments can be enjoyed at the spa itself or in the comfort of the elegant accommodations.

The list of things to do at Bitter End BVI is a long one, and some of the other activities of choice include scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, and windsurfing. The excellent Kids Program keeps the younger guests entertained throughout their stay, and a number of fun excursions can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Anegada and the Baths at Virgin Gorda are two of the most popular excursion destinations that guests can visit on the side. As tempting as these destinations can be, however, the Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda has it all. There's a reason this place enjoys high international praise, and many of the guests are loyal ones who are convinced that they've found their ideal slice of paradise.

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