Cane Garden Bay Tortola

Cane Garden Bay Tortola is one of the premier beach vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Widely considered to be the best strips of sand in the British Virgin Islands, the Cane Garden Bay beaches are wonderful places to relax and take in some sun. Backed by lush, emerald-green mountains, these white-sand beaches meet the gentle waters of Cane Garden Bay, and visitors can enjoy a number of fun watersports activities. There isn't a bad time to enjoy a Cane Garden Bay Tortola getaway, but visitors can save some money and avoid large crowds if they visit outside of the peak winter season. Thankfully, the Cane Garden Bay hotels remain affordable on the whole throughout the year, so there is really no bad time to go to this area.

Cane Garden Bay
Cane Garden Bay

Heading west of Road Town, it doesn't take very long to get to the beautiful Cane Garden Bay beaches. On the drive in, visitors must pass over a series of hills. Once the beaches come into sight, the excitement truly starts to set in. In addition to powdery, white sand, the Cane Garden Bay beaches boast palm trees and calm, warm waters. The palms provide shade from the strong Caribbean sun, while the gentle surf encourages visitors of all ages to go swimming. Cane Garden Bay Tortola visitors can also go snorkeling or arrange a scuba diving excursion. If interested, you should have little trouble arranging an underwater adventure as there are many resources nearby to help you along.

There is usually a lot going on at the lively Cane Garden Bay beaches, and visitors will have several bars and restaurants to choose from when thirst and hunger set in. The music from the beach bars is known to lure yachters to shore, and once the sun goes down, visitors can expect to enjoy some of the best nightlife in the British Virgin Islands.

As for the Cane Garden Bay hotels, they offer something to fit just about every budget. Rhymer's Beach Hotel and Myett's Garden and Grille figure among the most popular hotels in beautiful Cane Garden Bay, and they offer affordable rates and ideal locations. The Cane Garden Bay hotels come in the form of inns and guesthouses, and visitors can also select from some attractive vacation rentals that come in the form of apartments and villas.

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