New Years Tortola

New Years Tortola is one of the top events in the British Virgin Islands, but it isn't the only event worth considering. Many of the British Virgin Islands events revolve around boating, and they can also revolve around food. Regardless of what they revolve around, the various events in the BVI are usually very fun and festive. Rum-based drinks are often imbibed, and live music is usually playing. Any number of fun events can be enjoyed throughout the year, and on any given night, a beach bar somewhere is likely to be throwing one of its weekly parties.

Some of the best festivals in BVI revolve around food, and fresh seafood is at the heart of the Spanish Town Fisherman's Jamboree. Every year in March, this annual festival takes place at Fisher's Cove on the island of Virgin Gorda. Visitors can try a variety of seafood dishes at Fisherman's Jamboree, and they can also celebrate the fishing history of the islands. Fishing and fresh seafood is also featured during the Fisherman's Day celebrations. This event, which is held on the island of Tortola in July, concludes with a beach barbecue at beautiful Long Bay.

Music fans who are interested in adding some British Virgin Islands events to their itineraries will be happy to know that many, if not most, feature live music. Foxy's Music Fest is one of the most renowned music festivals in BVI. Held in March on the island of Jost Van Dyke, this festival revolves around Caribbean music, and some of the performers figure among the most renowned in the land. Plenty of good food is also on offer when Foxy's Music Fest is in full swing, and you can dine on barbecued ribs and chicken.

Foxy's Bar is one of the most famous bars in the British Islands, and it is also known for its New Years celebrations. New Years is one of the biggest annual events in the BVI, and the beach bars across the islands are usually rocking during this time of year. Boaters fill the harbors near the most popular beach bars, and the atmosphere is nothing if it isn't lively. As for New Years Tortola, Trellis Bay is arguably the place to be when the ball drops. This bay is actually found on nearby Beef Island, and it is where the Fireball New Years Eve Party is held. This festival features plenty of music, and the West Indian buffet is delightful. The highlight of the Fireball New Years Eve Party, however, is the fireball display. Sculpted, metal spheres are set on fire right on the beach, and the effect is quite magical. If you can't make it to this fiery New Years Tortola affair, you can always show up at Trellis Bay for one of the monthly Full Moon affairs. These are quite similar to the New Years celebrations, and they attract hundreds of people.

Boating is one of the top things to do in the British Virgin Islands, and a bunch of annual events revolve around this favorite pastime. One of the biggest boat-related British Virgin Island events is the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival. Held in late April and early May on the island of Tortola, this festival features a number of races, and a windsurfing competition. When races or windsurfing competitions aren't going on, competitors and visitors alike can relax on their boats, visit any number of beach bars, or enjoy a number of other things on the side.

These are just some of the British Virgin Islands events that are worth considering when planning your trip, and you can always check the schedule if you want to see what else is on tap throughout the year. Other events in the BVI that might pique your interest include the Annual BVI Music Festival and the Annual Thanksgiving Game Fish Challenge. The former revolves around music and features plenty of Caribbean artists, while the latter is a competition that any and all anglers are bound to enjoy. There's usually something going on somewhere in the British Virgin Islands, and enjoying a festival or event can only add substance to a BVI getaway.

Image: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board


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