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BVI flights are easier than ever to come by, and this has a lot to do with the expanded service between San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the main BVI airport. The Beef Island Airport is the main airport in the British Virgin Islands, and it can be found on a small island just off of Tortola. Most air travelers arrive on flights to Tortola, or the Beef Island Airport anyways, though a few other airports on some of the other islands are also known to receive incoming flights. The airports on the islands of Virgin Gorda and Anegada handle some of the BVI flights, for example.

If you are coming from North America or Europe, you won't have any luck finding direct flights to the British Virgin Islands. More often than not, those who are coming from the United Kingdom or North America will have to make a connection in Miami before making another stop in St. Thomas or St. Croix. San Juan is also a common connection point for BVI flights that originate out of the UK or the U.S. British Virgin Islands travel has remained a secret in many ways, and this has a lot to do with the fact that it is impossible to hop on a direct flight to the islands from the UK or North America. Word is starting to get out when it comes to how rewarding BVI travel can be, however.

BVI travel is expensive on the whole, and your airfare is likely to be one of the biggest costs. When cheap flights to the British Virgin Islands are the aim, there are a few ways to go about finding them. For starters, booking an off season visit can save some money. In addition to lower rates at the hotels, those who visit outside of the peak winter season can also expect to have better luck finding discounted flights. Booking a vacation package is also worth considering when trying to find cheap flights to the British Virgin Islands. Vacation packages tend to bundle various aspects of your trip together, such as flights and accommodations, and discounts on everything are usually part of the deal. Whether you're searching for deals on flights to Tortola or on flights to one of the smaller airports, seeing what the vacation packages have to offer can pay off.

As flights to Virgin Gorda and some of the other main BVI islands become more available, travelers should have less and less trouble securing discounted airfare. For now, the flights to Tortola are still the most popular, but it's good to know that other options are available. BVI tourism is only increasing in popularity, which basically means that the number of cheap flights to the British Virgin Islands should increase. Those who save money on discounted BVI flights will have more funds left over for other things, such as scuba diving and deep sea fishing excursions. They can also apply their savings to dining and shopping escapades and more.

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