BVI Sailing Holidays

BVI sailing holidays are extremely popular in this part of the Caribbean as the ideal weather conditions make it a Mecca for sailing worldwide. The islands are so spectacular with their many tropical beaches, colorful foliage, and rugged and hilly inner terrain that many people who visit want to see as many of the islands as possible. The best way to do this during your British Virgin Islands holidays is by boat. In fact, many of the smaller islands are largely inaccessible otherwise. BVI holidays begin with sailing, whether you are the captain of your own ship or plan to charter a crewed motorboat or even a luxury yacht.

The British Virgin Islands are such an enviable location for sailing that every year a major, seven-day competition called the Spring Regatta is held off the coast of Tortola. Expert sailors venture around the coasts of neighboring Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda and take part in a range of competitions and races. British Virgin Islands holidays are enriched by the vibrant sailing culture that pervades the islands. As you walk along the pristine beaches you are sure to see a multitude of luxurious yachts docked at the various ports. And the best part is that you do not have to be an expert to enjoy your BVI holidays sailing along the coast. Many of the of the most popular options for BVI sailing holidays are through providers that offer fully manned crews, exquisite food, and a selection of beverages.

Prior to making your arrangements, you can decide what course you want to sail and map out the various destinations you’d like to stop along the way. For beginning sailors this is an excellent way to watch professionals man the ship, whether it is a full-sized motorboat or a smaller catamaran. Depending on what kind of boat you want to charter, accommodations range from sporty and comfortable catamarans to 100 plus foot yachts whose rooms make even the most luxurious suites at the finest hotels look dull by comparison. Be aware that the best boat and yacht charter providers in the British Virgin Islands have relationships with docking ports and moorings and should offer docking services at no extra cost.

Once you plan your sailing course for the British Virgin Islands holidays you’ll want to map out just what to do when you dock at your ports of call. There are a wide variety of activities to take part in, from simply dropping anchor, to relaxing in the sun, to hiking into the islands’ interiors, to renting a Jeep to prowl through rugged trails and explore the remnants of these long extinct volcanoes. BVI sailing holidays afford you the luxury of spending as much time as you’d like at sea while also enjoying as many of the island destinations as you please as well.

You are sure to come across some of the most stunning beaches you have ever seen as you journey through the Caribbean. The powdery white sand on the beaches, year-round temperate climate, and crystalline turquoise waters make these islands not only a perfect destination for sailing, but for vacationing in the sun in general. BVI holidays are amongst the most desirable because of the relative tranquility of the islands. Even as they are increasingly popular tourist destinations, many of the islands remain serene and are the perfect venues for relaxing holiday retreats. BVI holidays are all about letting go of your cares and enjoying life. Book your reservations and charters in advance in order to take advantage of British Virgin Island holiday deals.

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