Jost Van Dyke Hotels

The Jost Van Dyke hotels are relatively few in number, and as such, many visitors keep vacation rentals in mind when looking for a place to stay. Some of the Jost Van Dyke accommodations, such as Rudy's Mariner Inn, are part hotel and part vacation rental. The owners live upstairs at Rudy's, while guests rent out the bottom floor apartment. Since Rudy's Mariner Inn can be found just up the street from Great Harbour, the location is hard to complain about. All of the Jost Van Dyke hotels are unique in some way, shape, or form, and most can be found on or near an idyllic beach.

None of the beach hotels on Jost Van Dyke Island are overly luxurious, though the White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages (pictured) offers a considerable amount of luxury. This hotel of sorts is perched just above the beach at dazzling White Bay, and it doesn't take long to walk down to the sand. There are seven villas and three cottages to choose from at White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages, and all of them boast fully equipped kitchens. Other standard amenities that can be enjoyed in all of the guest units include a hair dryer, cable TV, a DVD player, a stereo with a CD player, and a barbecue grill. While the units lack air conditioning, ceiling and floor fans are provided. There isn't much in the way of general facilities at the White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages, as everything that you could need is close by. This includes restaurants, bars, shops, and one of the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands.

Just like the White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages, the Sandy Ground Estates offers guest units that are more akin to vacation rentals than they are hotel rooms. There are only seven guest units to choose from at Sandy Ground, so booking ahead is recommended. Six of the seven villas boast two bedrooms, so families and other groups who are in need of added space might find them to be particularly attractive. You'll have a refrigerator and a stove at your disposal if you book one of the self-sufficient villas at Sandy Ground Estates, and the other amenities vary depending on which villa you select. Some feature outdoor showers, for example, and a roofed terrace isn't uncommon. All of the guest units are attractive, so it's hard, if not impossible, to go wrong. When guests aren't relaxing in their comfortable and spacious villas at the Sandy Ground Estates, they can relax on a private beach or arrange fun excursions. Scuba diving and sailing figure among the top activities that can be enjoyed during a stay at the Sandy Grove.

While the rates at the upscale beach hotels on Jost Van Dyke Island are relatively high, they are more than reasonable, especially when you consider how relaxing a Jost Van Dyke getaway can be. For travelers who are looking to spend less on their Jost Van Dyke accommodations, the Sandcastle Hotel is likely to be a better fit. This hotel is home to the Soggy Dollar, which is one of the most renowned bars in the British Virgin Islands. It is here that a frozen drink called the Painkiller was invented. Guests who aren't up for a Painkiller can mix their own drinks at the beachside Soggy Dollar, provided that they keep their own tab. The restaurant at the Sandcastle Hotel hosts fun beachside dinners on Saturday nights. Many visitors to the Sandcastle Hotel only drop by for a few hours to eat or enjoy some drinks, though there are six attractive guest units for those who wish to linger longer. Four of these units are cottages, while the remaining two are more akin to hotel rooms. The amenities are limited in the guest units, and they basically include a mini refrigerator and comfortable rattan furniture. Two of the rooms are air conditioned, while the others feature fans. The décor is bright and airy, and while the amenities are limited, the guest units are pleasant. One of the most popular Jost Van Dyke hotels, the Sandcastle can fill up quick, so booking well in advance is recommended.

While there are a few good beach hotels on Jost Van Dyke Island, you can also camp on this island. That's because the island is home to Ivan's Stress Free Bar & White Bay Campground. Ivan's is one of the most renowned bars on the island, and the campground has managed to earn a positive reputation as well over the years. In addition to eight screened cabins, the White Bay Campground at Ivan's also features fifteen bare campsites and five tent sites that are equipped with tents and electricity. The bare sites are the cheapest, and according to some, they are also the best. That's because they overlook the beach below from their blufftop perch. If unique Jost Van Dyke accommodations are what you're after, it's hard to beat Ivan's. This is arguably the best place on the island to enjoy some nightlife, as nowhere else is more happening. Live music is often offered at the bar, and fans of festivals might look to visit during the end of the year Music Festival. You can bring your own instrument and join in on the festivities during Ivan's Music Festival.

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