Long Bay

Long Bay is an ideal Tortola destination for some relaxing fun in the sun. This relatively remote and secluded bay boasts a fantastic beach that is almost two miles long, and the views are nothing short of stunning. According to many, it's the best beach on the island of Virgin Gorda. Since there are rocks close to shore on parts of the beach and the surf can be strong at Long Bay Beach Tortola, many visitors put swimming and snorkeling on hold in favor of strolling and jogging. Strolling along the beach at Long Bay in the British Virgin Islands is especially rewarding at sunset, and visitors can always follow a sunset stroll with dinner at the waterfront Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas restaurant.

When the surf is calm at Long Bay, visitors can go swimming and snorkeling. Some parts of the beach are better than others for swimming and snorkeling, though you might prefer some of the other area beaches if you want to spend a lot of time in the water. The beach at nearby Smugglers Cove is more ideal for both swimming and snorkeling, and Long Bay visitors can walk to this nearby beach. Back at Long Bay Beach, relaxing on the sand and listening to the soothing sounds of the surf is a more popular way to spend some time.

Many of the people who visit Long Bay in the British Virgin Islands book a stay at the Long Bay Beach Resort. This is the only full-service resort on Tortola, and it has been popular with travelers since it opened in the 1960s. There are 152 guest units at the resort, and while the cheaper units are relatively simple, the more deluxe rooms and cabanas offer a considerable amount of luxury. Guests at this Long Bay Beach Tortola resort have a range of facilities at their disposal, including a strip of private beach, two restaurants, a trio of bars, a spa, and a rental car desk.

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