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BVI snuba diving is a new and exciting water sport that is quickly catching on with island going travelers who not only enjoy spending their vacations on the sea, but also in it. The sport of snuba diving combines the technology of deep-water diving with the uninhibited swimming freedom previously only available through snorkeling. You are able to swim at depths of up to twenty feet without the encumbrances of bulky equipment. Snuba is also a great way for eager divers to get in the water quicker as there is much less training involved. British Virgin Islands snorkeling has long been known as some of the best in the world. Now you can add BVI snuba diving to the list of water attractions on the islands.

Although the British Virgin Islands are known chiefly for their perfect sailing conditions, places such as Marina Cay make snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and fishing favorites for tourists as well. Snorkeling Marina Cay in BVI is like entering into another world, one replete with a spectrum of colorful coral reef and marine life all around. BVI snuba as well as BVI snorkeling tours are easy to set up with your resort’s concierge or in advance with your travel planner. And Marina Cay is hardly the only world-class spot for snorkeling and diving in this part of the Caribbean. Although snorkeling Marina Cay in BVI is an experience unlike any other, very high quality British Virgin Islands snorkeling and diving can be found among the fantastic reefs, wrecked ships, and flooded caverns at nearly all of the other 60 islands in the archipelago. The British Virgin Islands have well over 100 dive sites well worth exploring off of its sterling coasts.

The dive sites off of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and the other islands in this part of the Caribbean reveal underwater treasures that will stimulate the imagination of everyone who sees them. Divers swim through temperate, 80 to 90 degree waters and explore magnificent shipwrecks with regular visibility of around 100 feet. The expansive reefs, coral pinnacles, lava tunnels, underwater caves, and grottoes, along with the intimidating shipwrecks make the diving sites off the coasts of BVI easily some of the best in the world. British Virgin Islands snorkeling is also an exciting means of underwater exploration in this part of the Caribbean Sea. Dive and snorkeling destinations like Angelfish Reef and Treasure Point are two excellent locations off the coast of Tortola where the whole family can enjoy snorkeling in calm waters. And be sure not to miss the miles of reef available for exploration off the coast of nearby Anegada.

Many people opt to take the hassle out of a snorkeling, dive, or snuba trip and simply charter a boat. This can be one of the best ways to spend a family or group expedition out on the water. Sail a fully manned (and fully catered) ship around the pristine shorelines of the Caribbean Islands until you reach the ideal jump off point. Expert captains take guests to the best destinations where they can snorkel or snuba the day away before returning to the boat for a nice meal and refreshing island cocktail. It’s all in a day’s work in the British Virgin Islands. Whether you are snorkeling Marina Cay in BVI, chartering a yacht around the coast of Tortola, or deep sea diving in miles of coral reef, your memories of the British Virgin Islands will be unforgettable.

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