Things to do in the British Virgin Islands

There are lots of fun things to do in the British Virgin Islands, and relaxing is one of them. This British territory in the Caribbean is an ideal place to escape to if you want to get away from it all, and its various islands are rarely, if ever, crowded. The secret is starting to get out when it comes to how rewarding British Virgin Islands vacations can be, however, and more and more travelers are dropping by for a look. The bulk of the BVI tourist attractions are natural ones, and there are a handful of tantalizing experiences that any and all visitors should at least consider.


Beaches figure among the top attractions in the British Virgin Islands, and for good reason. These islands are home to some of the most inviting beaches in the Caribbean, and they are almost always uncrowded. It's not hard to find a deserted beach on any number of islands in the BVI chain, and even the more popular strips of sand are usually relatively empty. The Baths and the beach at Cane Garden Bay are arguably the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands, though there are many more that beg to be visited.


Boating is easily one of the top things to do in the British Virgin Islands, and you don't need your own yacht to enjoy it. For those who don't have a private boat, it's relatively easy to rent one upon arrival. Bare boating is possible, while those who aren't competent sailors can always hire a crew to go with their boat rental. Island hopping is popular in the Virgin Islands, and boaters can pull up to a deserted beach to relax. They can also visit some of the main resorts and the popular beaches if they want to enjoy a little nightlife or something the like.


Whether you're hanging out at a BVI beach or doing some boating, snorkeling can be a rewarding thing to do on the side. Many of the best beaches in the land front calm bays that are ideal for snorkeling, and various charter companies can take people out for snorkeling adventures. In addition to sunken ships that have turned into artificial reefs, anyone who is looking to go snorkeling in the British Virgin Island can also visit natural reefs.

Scuba Diving

Those who truly want to explore the underwater realms on a BVI vacation will likely prefer scuba diving over snorkeling. As is the case with boating, the British Virgin Islands are ideal for scuba diving, and there are ample dive operators. Whether you are looking for Tortola things to do or you want to stay busy on one of the other islands, scuba diving can be one of the most rewarding options. Dive sites abound throughout the territory, with the HMS Rhone being the most renowned. The HMS Rhone is one of the best dive sites in the world, and as such, it figures among the top BVI tourist attractions.


When you need a break from water-based activities on your BVI getaway, you can always explore on land. Hiking is one of the most rewarding things to do in the British Virgin Islands, and Virgin Gorda is arguably the island of choice. This is where Virgin Gorda Peak National Park can be found. Those who hike to the top of Gorda Peak will be rewarded with amazing views, especially if they choose to climb the tower on the summit. When looking for Tortola things to do, hiking in Sage Mountain National Park is a good option. The mountainous landscapes at this park are breathtaking.


In addition to going hiking, those who are looking for land-based things to do in the British Virgin Islands can also go shopping. Shopping is easily one of the top Tortola things to do, especially in Road Town. An array of British goods can be purchased at the British Virgin Islands shops, as can local goods. The open-air market in Road Town is an excellent place to shop if you're looking for local arts and crafts.


There's no avoiding the fact that you'll have to eat at some point during your BVI vacation. Thankfully, finding something good shouldn't be hard. The most popular resorts and hotels are home to some of the best restaurants in the land, especially if you want to enjoy a fine dining experience or an extensive buffet. A number of cuisines are available at the various BVI restaurants, and the seafood could hardly be any fresher. Some BVI visitors only come ashore to eat, or drink for that matter, and there are some renowned beach bars and restaurants to choose from.


A number of fun tours can be added to your British Virgin Islands itinerary, and they include sightseeing tours. While there aren't a lot of historical BVI tourist attractions, travelers can always visit the Virgin Gorda Copper Mine on a tour. The historic Callwood Distillery is another attraction that you might hope to visit when looking to enjoy a BVI tour. Whereas some BVI tours highlight a specific attraction or activity, others combine various experiences together, so you can choose accordingly.



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