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The Tortola hotels can satisfy a range of tastes and budgets, which is part of the reason why more and more travelers are taking interest in Tortola vacations. While most of the hotels in Tortola are small guest houses that offer basic amenities, others are resorts that boast an array of amenities and facilities. The resorts in Tortola aren't as big and flashy as the resorts in the US Virgin Islands, which is just what some visitors are looking for. As one might imagine, the best place to look for lodging in Tortola is near the beach. The top Tortola beaches can be found on the northern shore. Should you be staying elsewhere, you will have to take a taxi or drive to get to the beach. Some visitors spend a few nights in Road Town, which is the main town on the island, before heading off to a beachside lodging in Tortola.

While there isn't a bad time to visit Tortola, those who are looking to save on rates when it comes to lodging will do best to arrive in the summer. Many Tortola hotels discount their rates during the summer months, and the same can also be said for many of the island's vacation rentals. Another way to save some money on rates when it comes to choosing your Tortola accommodation is to avoid a meal plan. There are many affordable restaurants on the island, so paying extra for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your hotel might not be in your best interest. That being said, the meal plans can be very convenient. Perhaps the most obvious way to save money on lodging in Tortola is to stay in a relatively cheap hotel. The numerous guest houses on the island are the cheapest accommodation options. One of the best guest houses in Tortola is the Beef Island Guesthouse, which is the same small island where the airport can be found. This inn only offers four guest units, so you can expect a fairly low-key environment. All of these rooms are comfortable, and it helps that the inn is very close to a laid-back beach bar and restaurant.

While staying at a guest house is always an option when you want to secure a relatively cheap Tortola accommodation, there are some good hotels here that won't cost an arm and a leg. Among the most attractive and affordable Tortola hotels are Sebastian's on the Beach and Myett's. Sebastian's on the Beach enjoys an amazing beachfront location on the north shore, which is part of its appeal. You can arrange a number of fun activities during your stay at Sebastian's, including sailing, scuba diving, tennis, and horseback riding. As for Myett's, you'll be hard pressed to find a better overall value. It might cost more than some of the other lower-priced hotels on the island, but it's well worth the money. Myett's boasts a wonderful beachfront garden setting, and the rooms are spaciously inviting. You'll also find an excellent restaurant and a bar here.

In addition to lower-priced hotels, Tortola also offers some fine mid-priced lodging establishments. Should you have room in the budget for an upgrade, you can also opt to stay in one of the more upscale Tortola hotels. Two of the recommended mid-priced Tortola hotels are the Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel and the Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas. As the names of these resorts in Tortola imply, you can rent a spacious villa unit when staying in them. The bulk of the more upscale resorts in Tortola also offer villa units, and this includes the Surfsong Villa Resort and the Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas. All of these resorts offer a complete list of activities, including comfortable rooms that are filled with amenities. As a side note, the Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas is the most complete resort on the island, featuring everything from a spa to a large range of things to do.

There are several wonderful Tortola hotels to choose from, and while peace and quiet isn't hard to come by on this island, those who really want to get away from it all can always stay on a nearby private island. Two of the most popular private islands that you can visit in the British Virgin Islands include Peter Island and Guana Island. These inviting islands are home to one resort each (the Peter Island Resort is pictured), and these resorts are among the most luxurious in the territory. If you can't afford a stay at one of the upscale private island resorts, there's always Cooper Island, which boasts the pleasantly affordable Cooper Island Beach Club. Finding your ideal Tortola accommodation won't be hard, thanks to the wealth of attractive choices, and you can even go camping here if you want to leave the hotel experience behind. The Brewers Bay Campground is close to one of the island's best snorkeling spots, and it offers fifteen tent sites and fifteen bare sites.

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