British Virgin Islands Tours

There are a wide variety of British Virgin Islands tours for you to enjoy during your stay in the Caribbean. BVI is widely known as one of the sailing capitals of the world, but tourists regularly take tours in the BVI ranging in locale from deep-sea diving to hiking, snorkeling to sightseeing. There are some 60 islands that comprise the British portion of the Virgin Islands. Each of them is individually stunning in their own way.

The four main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke are the scenes for most of the tourist traffic on the islands and home to many of the luxury hotels and restaurants. But as you will find out on many of the British Virgin Islands tours, there are seemingly countless other small islands and islets where you can explore the tropical forests, mountains, and salt water lagoons. Many of the best tours in the BVI drop eager water enthusiasts off at these largely inaccessible and smaller islands for world-class diving and snorkeling.

Sightseeing in the British Virgin Islands provides an opportunity to explore the islands beyond the coastlines. Some of the most popular tours in the BVI beyond the water are jeep tours that tumble through the island interior. Tourists can rent 4-wheel drive vehicles for the entire day either alone or with a tour guide. Opting for a tour guide means getting to venture directly to some of the most naturally beautiful and engaging spots on the island. Many of the smaller islands and islets are remnants of volcanoes that went extinct long ago. The stunning rock formations, clusters of palm trees amongst the tropical foliage, and the many mountain peaks and valleys make sightseeing in the British Virgin Islands a most popular option for tours in the BVI.

Another of the most popular varieties of British Virgin Islands tours are those ventured in the air. You can fly high above BVI for less than $100 per person and snap unforgettable photos of the stunning landscape beneath you. The aerial photographs of the coral reefs alone will make you want to frame the photos, one by one.

Deep-sea fishing is an excellent opportunity to get out on the water and truly engage the ocean. Charter your own motor boat with a captain and first mate and pack a cooler of drinks and snacks with family and friends. Deep-sea fishing makes for an intense expedition in the Caribbean. The first mate will bait individual lines and as something hits, those on board jump up to grab the line. Often it requires someone else standing behind you holding on to the back of your belt or shorts to keep you from going in at the hands of your would-be Atlantic catch.

For the naturist in all of us, bird watching tours can be a pleasing way to spend an afternoon in the Caribbean. Sightseeing in the British Virgin Islands means catching a peak of exotic fish, wild birds, and some of the most beautiful landscape in all of the Atlantic Ocean.

Image: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board
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