Tortola Car Rental

A Tortola car rental can be ideal for getting around, provided that you don't plan on leaving the island. You can also rent a car on the island of Virgin Gorda if you want to have your own wheels. As for the other main islands, you'll have to rent a Jeep if you want to have your own means of transportation. A Jeep helps you deal with the relatively rugged terrain that can be found on the less developed islands. Some travelers won't want to drive when it comes to getting around, in which case the other means of British Virgin Islands transportation will come in handy. As you might imagine in this island territory, boats are key commodities, and they can be used to go where cars and Jeeps can not.

It is important to note that anyone who is planning on renting a car in the British Virgin Islands should know that the road rules are similar to those in the UK. As such, cars drive on the left side of the road and steering columns can be found on the right side of the car. This typically takes some getting used to for travelers who are used to the opposite set of standards.

Many British Virgin Islands visitors arrive on a plane, and the airports that can be found on the islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda are the busiest. Once you arrive at one of the airports on these islands, you'll most likely be in need of transportation to get to your intended destination. Some of the luxury hotels and resorts offer complimentary BVI airport transportation for guests, and this can include a ride on a ferry or a trip in a car, truck, or van. It can also include a ride on a helicopter or plane. Interisland flights are available, and less developed islands like Anegada are starting to receive more and more of them. If you're not flying from island to island, you will likely take a ferry. Ferries are extremely popular when it comes to getting around the BVI, and resorts like the Bitter End Yacht Club are common destinations of choice on the ferry routes.

For those who are staying at one of the more renowned resorts in the British Virgin Islands, such as the Biras Creek Resort or Little Dix Bay, transportation via a ferry or a shuttle van will most likely be provided. Others will have to arrange their British Virgin Islands transportation on their own. Interestingly enough, travelers are not able to secure a Tortola car rental at the Beef Island Airport, which is the main airport in the British Virgin Islands. The airport is on another island, and it is connected to Tortola by a bridge. Incoming air travelers will have to take a taxi across the bridge, where they can then rent a car in Road Town. In addition to some local companies, Road Town is also home to some U.S.-based car rental chains. More often than not, when you secure a Tortola car rental, the agency that you decide to go with will deliver the car to your hotel or vacation rental.

British Virgin Islands transportation isn't limited to rental cars, expensive interisland flights, and ferry rides. When looking to get around a specific island, buses are the cheapest way to go. If you can afford it, however, a taxi will be more efficient. Most of the hotels in the British Virgin Islands offer to call taxis for their guests, which is convenient. Many of the hotels will also be happy to arrange specific tours for their guests. The tours take care of all transportation needs that are specific to them, so visitors will have little to worry about, save for having a good time.

Relying on cars, taxis, and buses for getting around the BVI is fine, as long as you aren't planning on doing some island hopping. In this case, a boat is needed. The British Virgin Islands is one of the world's greatest boating destinations, and many visitors hop from island to island on their own, private crafts. For those who are without a private boat, it's possible to rent one in any number of destinations. Marinas abound in the Virgin Islands, and bare boat rentals are easy to come by. If you don't want to navigate your own boat through the archipelago, you can hire a crew. Sailing lessons are available at the most popular resorts for those who need some help getting the whole sailing thing down.

The options are only increasing when it comes to British Virgin Islands transportation, and getting where you need to go in this island chain is easier than ever. Most travelers rely on various means of transportation for getting around the BVI, and even if you have a car, hiring a taxi can be wise when trying to find a secluded restaurant or beach. However you choose to get around on your BVI vacation, there are plenty of fantastic places to go. British Virgin Islands travel is only growing in popularity, and anyone who is interested in paying this archipelago a visit shouldn't have trouble getting where they go once they arrive.

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