Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second largest island in the British Virgin Islands, and it can be found just twelve miles east of the larger Tortola. After establishing the Caneel Bay Resort on the U.S. island of St. John in the 1950's, Laurance Rockefeller went on to establish the Little Dix Resort in Virgin Gorda BVI in the 1960s. The island has been a popular place to get away from it all ever since, especially for the boating crowd. A number of major hotels have sprung up around Virgin Gorda over the decades, but that doesn't mean that the island is plagued by over development. While engaging in Virgin Gorda travel, tourists will have little trouble finding peace and tranquility.

As is true of most of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda boasts immaculate beaches that remain relatively uncrowded throughout the year. The Virgin Gorda Baths is arguably the best beach on the island, and it offers proximity to some other idyllic strips of sand. At the Baths, large boulders are strewn across the beach, making for a unique and beautiful setting. Over time, the sea has eroded the boulders, creating tide pools, caves, and tunnels. These can be explored by visitors of all ages. Adjacent to the Virgin Gorda Baths is the beach at Spring Bay, and this is where some of the best snorkeling on the island can be enjoyed.

Virgin Gorda BVI is home to many secluded beaches, and visitors to the Baths can easily walk to the deserted strip of sand at Devil's Bay National Park. It only takes about fifteen minutes to navigate the trail that connects the Baths to the beach at Devil's Bay, and it's also possible to take a trail from Spring Bay to the wide and sandy beach at Trunk Bay. Beaches figure among the top Virgin Gorda attractions, and there are plenty of hotels and vacation rentals that can be found on or near the coast.

In addition to hanging out at beaches like the Virgin Gorda Baths, visitors to this island in the British Virgin Islands can also go scuba diving or head inland to do some hiking. Scuba diving is one of the top things to do in the Virgin Islands, and the dive shop that can be found at the Bitter End Yacht Club is hailed as being one of the best dive operations in the archipelago. The Bitter End Yacht Club is one of the most popular places to stop for a while when bare boating through the Virgin Islands, and visitors can rent a room if they want to spend the night. Just offshore, Saba Rock offers another resort worth considering when looking to get off the boat for a stint. In addition to scuba diving, visitors to these Virgin Gorda BVI resorts can also go fishing, head out on boat tours, dine at excellent restaurants, or enjoy any other number of things.

Most of the tourism activity on the island of Virgin Gorda happens along the coast, though visitors who are interested in hiking will want to move inland for a look around. A hike to the top of Gorda Peak will reward trekkers with some of the best views in the Virgin Islands, and those who aren't afraid of heights can climb the tower to get an even better view. Anegada is just one of the many islands and islets that can be spotted from the top of Gorda Peak, and on clear days, it's even possible to make out St. Croix. Gorda Peak rises to an elevation of 1,370 feet, and it is part of the Gorda Peak National Park. Visitors to the park can admire an array of interesting creatures while hiking in the park, including lizards and snakes. Thankfully, the snakes aren't venomous, nor are the lizards.

Virgin Gorda travel can involve a number of fun activities, and while many visitors drop by for a look on a day trip, it's worth hanging around for a while. The Virgin Gorda hotels offer something to fit a range of tastes and budgets, and visitors can also stay on a yacht or book a vacation rental. If you only have a day to work with and you want to get around to all of the top Virgin Gorda attractions, you can always book an island tour. These tours highlight things like the Baths and the historic Copper Mine. The Copper Mine, which lies in ruins, was built in 1837 and abandoned in 1862.

When you choose to add a tour to your Virgin Gorda travel plans, you will also pass through the island's largest settlement. Spanish Town is the name of the this settlement, and while it is small, it is home to some shopping establishments and a few laid-back bars. March might be the best time to drop in on Spanish Town, as this is when the Spanish Town Fisherman's Jamboree is held. This annual event revolves around fishing, and plenty of fresh seafood is on offer.

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