Caribbean Wedding Cruise

When searching through the various options for Caribbean wedding packages, you may come across offers for a Caribbean wedding cruise. More and more, people are opting out of the "usual wedding" for a unique experience in the Caribbean, either at one of the all inclusive Caribbean resorts or on a Caribbean cruise wedding. As with weddings arranged at Caribbean resorts, the cruise weddings cover a range of budget options. Their popularity is growing, due to the convenience involved with being able to start your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony, and the variety of options for cruise packages. Arranging a Caribbean cruise wedding can be a bit difficult if you plan on having a large number of guests, but for those planning more intimate ceremonies, the option can prove a perfect fit.

With some of the options involved, your Caribbean cruise wedding starts at a port in the United States, usually from southern port cities like New Orleans, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and whisks you off with stops at various Caribbean islands before returning to the original port. For example, with Princess Cruise Lines, you can choose from two separate Caribbean wedding cruise packages that leave from Ft. Lauderdale. The first itinerary brings you to stops at St. Martaan, St. Thomas and Princess Cay before returning to Florida. The second itinerary stops first at Princess Cay, then includes subsequent stops at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico before returning to Florida. With each package, you pay $2,250 for the wedding ceremony, which includes your marriage license, and around $1,000 per person for the cruise itself. But, think about the money you will save being able to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one affair. For your guests that do make it, you will all be able to enjoy a memorable cruise aboard a floating resort. For those that can not attend, Princess Cruises will provide a live wedding feed online of the ceremony.

Some Caribbean wedding cruise packages provide ceremonies where you are married by the ship's Captain, others involve either arranging for an officiant provided by the cruise line, or by your own arranged official. While there are a number of Caribbean wedding cruise packages, many of them are quite similar. You can choose a package where you are married on-board at the ship's provided facilities, or one where your ceremony takes place on a specified beach. Princess Cruises is the only company in the Caribbean that offers weddings at sea. Their ships are registered in Bermuda, and captains are able to perform ceremonies through obtaining Bermuda licenses. Other Caribbean wedding cruise packages involve either a wedding at port on the ship, or at an onshore location. As your cruise makes its scheduled docking at one of the sites, the necessary officials and heads of ceremony are supplied by the cruise line for your ceremony. If your ceremony is staged onboard a ship at port, usually it is held in the ship's library, in one of the entertainment venues, or in a reception room. Onshore weddings involve disembarking the ship for your ceremony and heading to a designated site. Venues could include a picturesque Bahamian beach or a small church located in St. Thomas. This ceremony could involve just you, your loved one and a wedding officiant, or could accommodate friends and family who are either on your cruise or planning to meet you at the port. You will want to inquire with the cruise line about rules for guests both sailing and non-sailing, as restrictions have recently grown tighter.

As stated, a Caribbean wedding cruise can be rather basic, or run up the budgetary range into elaborate. Caribbean cruise wedding packages generally range in cost from $800-$2,500. Of course, the more you add, the higher the price climbs, leaving it up to you how formal and luxurious you want to get. The more basic packages will include the officiant, a bouquet for the bride, boutonniere for the groom, a bottle of champagne, a cake, recorded music and some wedding pictures. Typically, upgrades to the kind of cake, champagne, music and photography services account for additional services at a fee. Whichever Caribbean cruise wedding you select, the experience is bound to provide lifetime memories. The affordability involved with a Caribbean wedding cruise also means that you don't have to break the bank to have a very special wedding and honeymoon. When planning your Caribbean cruise wedding, remember that you are responsible for marriage licensing fees in the jurisdiction where your wedding will take place. Your cruise agent should provide you with that information. Also, you will want to plan early if possible. Cruise lines only offer so many ceremonies per sailing, meaning you may have to be a bit flexible with your dates. All cruise lines will first require you to book your cruise before you can book your wedding package, so make sure there is an available wedding for the cruise you choose. The rest involves simple enjoying yourself on a large and luxurious cruise ship where you can enjoy endless activities, dine on an endless supply of savory foods and toast to your heart's content.



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