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The joy of cutting through the gentle Caribbean waters while relaxing in the safe and familiar – that is the crux of any good Caribbean cruise vacation. Luxurious, energetic and always ready to please, a trip on a Caribbean cruise liner may just be what you need to get away.

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Everything is at your beck and call on a Caribbean cruise vacation. And though there are plenty of different companies ready to whisk you to the waiting islands, there are small but important decisions to make when you choose your Caribbean cruise liner. For instance, many cruises cater to a specific group. There are singles cruises, couples cruises, elderly cruises, adventure cruises, a Caribbean honeymoon cruise – the list goes on and on. There are party ships, over-sized sailboats, ships with thousands of passengers, ships with significantly less.

You will also need to choose based on which islands you wish to visit. Some Caribbean cruise lines have ambitious itineraries, where you see a large number of islands for short periods of time. Others extend your stay on certain islands, but venture far less into the Caribbean. But almost all of them stay in one specific area – so decide which region of the Caribbean you want to see. The U.S. & British Virgin Islands and St. Martin are the highlights of the northeast; Jamaica, the Caymans and Puerto Rico are the main hot spots of the Western Caribbean and the most exotic and industrious cruises venture all the way to the Southern Islands of Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad. Many options, including numerous Caribbean honeymoon cruises, revolve around the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Caribbean cruise specials are everywhere – go to any major travel website and you will see whole laundry list of options, many offering bargain basement prices to entice your eye. Though many of these prices don"t include the prices to get to the ports from which you disembark from (the most frequent being Ft. Lauderdale, Mobile and Galveston), many choice deals can be found from a number of carriers. Shopping around is time well spent.

Of course, prices are often most dependent on your cabins, so choose with care. Oftentimes the difference in price is not mirrored by a step down in accommodations, and great discounts can be had. Besides, just who is going to be spending their time in the cabin (Caribbean honeymoon cruises notwithstanding).

More than when you simply visit an island by plane, reservations are key to getting the best Caribbean cruise vacation you can. As many cruises are popular with families, and others with students, the common breaks in the school year can be busy times for Caribbean cruise liners.

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