Caribbean Day Trip

A day trip in the Caribbean means a day full of fun, warm white beaches and unending sunshine. Planning a day trip in the Caribbean for a family, a romantic get away or any other kind of vacation is an excellent way to explore the Caribbean.


A Caribbean day trip through Antigua is a great place to start exploring the islands. Many travelers choose to visit the Saturday morning market in St. John's, where you can pick up an array of fresh meat, fruit and flowers. There are also plenty of handmade goods and crafts for sale, as well.

St. John's Cathedral

Located in Antigua, tourists may want to spend a day touring St. John's Cathedral, which was constructed in 1845. Other notable attractions for Caribbean tours of Antigua include Nelson's Dockyard National Park, Shirley Heights, Dow's Hill Interpretation Center and Indian Town, which is another popular national park.

Guana Island

Caribbean day trips to Guana Island do not offer a loud nightlife scene or the most luxurious tourist attractions. What the island does offer, however, is the best preserved nature and wildlife sanctuary in the Caribbean. Caribbean tours of Guana will feature plenty of privacy, as there are seven virgin beaches on the island and miles of walking trails. Many tourists climb Sugarloaf Mountain, an 800 foot mountain which offers great views of the islands and sea below.


Caribbean tours of Martinique, part of the Lesser Antilles, offer great beaches and intriguing culture. Many travelers notice on their Caribbean day trip through Martinique that the island is literally covered in flowers. There are multiple villages on Martinique, including Fort-de-France, Pointe du Bout and Les, and Trois-Ilets. As the names suggest, the culture of Martinique is heavily influenced by the French, and Caribbean travel tours of the island will reveal the unique flair of the people as well as gorgeous, mountainous terrain.

St. Martin Beach Day

Among Caribbean travel tours, St. Martin is one of the best known islands for great restaurants, resorts and attractions for tourists. The island is divided into a French half and Dutch half, cultures which remain influential in the area to this day. Whichever half you choose for your Caribbean travel tour, you are sure to find a great beach. The island has exactly 39 lovely beaches, the most popular of which include Cupecoy Bay Beach, Mullet Bay Beach, Maho Bay Beach, Simpson Bay Beach, Great Bay Beach, Little Bay Beach, and Dawn Beach. There are, of course, many more beaches to explore.

St. Martin Shopping Day

In addition to great beaches, the island also features great shopping. Both the Dutch St. Martin and the French St. Martin have great luxury shopping centers and locally run day markets. Although shopping enthusiasts might argue that even a full day isn"t enough time to see it all, a lovely day of shopping can be spent in St. Martin.

The Caribbean has many islands and many attractions. Whether you plan to fish, scuba dive, or just enjoy the beauty of these special islands, the Caribbean is sure to please.



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