Caribbean Fishing

With so many fish cluttering the region"s waters, a Caribbean fishing vacation lends credence to those who question whether fishing is truly a "sport." Off the coasts of Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands, it"s not too hard to come back each afternoon with a boat full of fish. All you need to do is charter a boat of reasonable quality and you should have no problem ridding the ocean of a few of its most colorful occupants. But anyone can catch the little stuff – it"s the Caribbean deep sea fishing that brings people of all ages and skill levels to the region. Albacore, marlin, barracuda and the coveted sailfish can be found nearly anywhere – the finest catches of any Caribbean fishing vacation. In smaller numbers you will find mackerel, mahimahi, wahoo and kingfish.

The easiest part is finding a boat. Just ask around, at any beach bar, near any harbor. Fisherman are everywhere, and few deny requests to join their next excursion. Antigua is one of the top spots for Caribbean deep sea fishing, and you can find both freelance boats and a number of sailing trips designed specifically for wanna-be sport fishermen here. The tours found in Aruba will require you throw back your catch during the winter months, so don"t get any big ideas about frying up your fish on the beach. This practice is upheld in many islands during the high season, though it is fairly common to be allowed a single fish to take back to your hotel. Spearfishing is illegal in coastal waters – in fact, it is considered bad form to even inquire about it in some places.

There"s not a lot of variety from island to island as far as fishing goes – therefore anyone wishing to take a Caribbean fishing vacation will not be limited with destination options. Prices vary about the same as anything in the islands, so Puerto Rico and Aruba offer some of the cheapest Caribbean deep sea fishing in the region. Most fishing excursions are done in half or full day trips, though true fishing enthusiasts rarely pack it in by noon. Not with all those marlin out there, waiting to give you a fight.

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