Caribbean Snorkeling

Caribbean Snorkeling
Caribbean Snorkeling

So you don't want to go too far underwater. There's no shame in that. For many, snorkeling in the Caribbean is just as fun, if not more so, as diving. It certainly is much more financially viable. And easy to pick up within minutes – just don't stick your head underwater. It's that simple. And gear can be rented at almost any spot in the Caribbean, beach or not. Thus, it takes far less planning. You can spontaneously snorkel, you can"t spontaneously dive - at least not for cheap. And most experienced snorkelers will tell you that the Caribbean is the best spot in the world to engage in the sport. The water is as clear as new crystal, and if it weren"t for the plastic jammed in your mouth you might even forget that you are underwater.

Many of the top spots for diving double as the best places for snorkeling in the Caribbean. But islands such as Aruba - commonly skipped over as dive spots in favor of more mysterious waters – offer some of the best Caribbean snorkeling. The French side of St. Martin is another quality location, as the government protects its waters with fierce meticulousness. Though not a bad spot for diving, the Virgin Islands often make it to the top of the list for snorkeling aficionados. St. John and St. Croix are especially popular, with both travelers and locals. Trunk Bay on St. John even has underwater signs displaying interesting facts and identify the many species of fish and coral surrounding the reader. St. Croix has the best Caribbean snorkeling of any of the Virgin Islands, with deserted coves and bays always ready for exploring.

The Curacao Underwater Marine Park is another great snorkeling spot. Twelve miles long and dotted with decaying remains of sunken ships, you can also see millions upon millions of fish every color of the rainbow. Along the Dutch Islands in the Caribbean, it's pretty hard not to find a wondrous spot for strapping on your mask and diving in the sun-kissed waters. The self-appointed capital for snorkeling in the Caribbean is Antigua. With coral reefs that look like something from a Lewis Carroll story, and the most beaches per capita in the region, you can always find uncrowded waters.

Probably the best Caribbean snorkeling spot, or at least the most memorable, is at Stingray City along Grand Cayman. Often misunderstood and invariably docile, floating just above these unique animals is one of the many wondrous experiences offered by the Caribbean islands.



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