Caribbean Tours

The key isn't finding a Caribbean Tour, it's finding a cheap one. There are hundreds of different tours available, on all islands, for many different kinds of people. Couples, families, singles, honeymooners, divers, sailors – the list goes on and on. One of the most popular tours available are the Caribbean discovery tours. Adventure tours that revolve mainly around hiking, kayaking, surfing and other various water sports, this is one way to get an atypical Caribbean vacation. Anyone can sit around on the beach all day and drink daiquiris all night. It takes a special type of person to engage themselves fully with nature – these are the ones who will get the most from their Caribbean discovery tours.

Caribbean Tours
Caribbean Tours

Each separate island offers many of their own unique Caribbean tours. Most offer some kind of tour of the ample historic districts found on most of the bigger islands – colonial architecture, 16th century churches and monuments to battles or pirates in the harbors and hills. Natural wonders are the other staple of tours on the islands, specifically the Caribbean discovery tours mentioned above. These are invariably popular on the quieter islands, such as St. Lucia and Dominica.

Almost any tour can be set up ahead of time. Through a travel agent or simply a website, discount Caribbean tours are everywhere if you know where to look. One way to cut costs is to buy these tours in a package with other purchases – airfare, lodgings, car rental, etc. Another way yo find discount Caribbean tours of the islands is to ask at the hotel where you are staying. Most will be perfectly willing to help you, though you may find a significant drop in service if you forget to tip appropriately.

Sailing tours are quite popular in the Caribbean. The seascape lends itself well to exploration by boat, and this is certainly not something you should bother planning ahead for. Just show up, haggle a bit, and you can set up your very own discount Caribbean tour. The smaller island chains are the most popular for such endeavors – primarily the Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos. The French West Indies attract a number of sailors too, but this is a bit more of a challenge – the rougher waters of the eastern islands make sailboats a bit harder to maneuver.

Just remember, there are many types of tours in the Caribbean – not all involve you in a large group setting ferried around by a disinterested guide. Take a little initiative and you will definitely be rewarded.

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