Caribbean Villas

For those that want to avoid the resorts, hotels and hostels, Caribbean villas are the way to go. Villa itself is a bit of a nebulous term in the Caribbean – sometimes it is synonymous with hotel (or even resort), other times it is just a glorified apartment. A lot of times the villa is a private room not far from the beach owned and operated locally. Other times it is a collection of cabins owned by companies originating in England or France. The real Caribbean luxury villas are the ones located directly on the beach, but that will certainly cost you.

Caribbean Villas
Caribbean Villas

While Caribbean villas are found on every single island, there are a few locations that combine cost with comfort better than others. You will usually find these on a few of the less-traveled islands, such as Guadeloupe or Grenada. Barbados is another island where villas are easy to find, especially in the popular spots frequented by young travelers.

Caribbean villas are also good for those traveling in a large group, families – generally anyone who does not mind sharing an enclosed space with you. Visiting in packs will definitely keep costs down, and may allow you to save enough to rent one of the lower end Caribbean luxury villas offered. The Caribbean is also making a measured change to market to families, and what better way to get some quality family time in then in a sequestered villa? For the same reason, many newlyweds spend their honeymoon in a rented villa, allowing them the privacy necessary for such an endeavor.

Caribbean villa rental is much the same as a hotel, resort of hostel stay. Just call up and book your reservation. Many villas, especially the larger ones, all advertise and offer booking over the internet. Cautious travelers can also use a travel agent to rent one, as it is easy to make a dump look like a Caribbean luxury villa with careful editing, well-written copy and a homemade website. But you can also look up reviews and advice on a number of sites to help you avoid such pitfalls.

So if you want something more personable than a traditional hotel room, and don't want the bustle of tourists found in most resorts, a private villa may be just the thing to provide a home base for your next Caribbean vacation.

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