Caribbean Wedding

Caribbean Wedding
Caribbean Wedding

Whether in a colonial church or right on the beach, Caribbean weddings are a beautiful mix of sand and surf, of love and friendship. Plus, it's not far to go for your honeymoon. It's almost ridiculous how many different scenic locations a couple can be married in. Though a Caribbean beach wedding is certainly the most popular of spots, there are a number of other choices: cliff tops, quaint estate houses whitewashed by the sun, tropical villas, upon a boat, secluded meadows with views of shimmering cliffs, gardens and historical settings, near waterfalls - even in the rain forest. The varied kinds of churches found amongst the islands, established by the Spanish, Dutch and French, all have their own charms and are ideal settings for Caribbean weddings.

A beautiful ceremony on a secluded Caribbean sugar-sand beach at sunset, followed by a reception at a luxurious, candle-lit villa with traditional Caribbean food on the menu. Your craziest wedding wish can become reality. Many different planners offer a Caribbean dream wedding package, where you can add all kinds of exotic and traditional elements to your wedding. Want to ride off together on the beach after the ceremony? On horseback? Up a cliff? While a steel band plays? Chased by goats and other local wildlife nipping at your heels? Or would you prefer to leave by helicopter? It can happen.

The Virgin Islands are home to many Caribbean beach weddings. It seems that many couples do not want to stray too far into the unknown, or away from the familiar Americana they will find on the islands. But that's okay, you don't want to scare your guests. Those that want true exoticism infused into their vows choose to have the ceremony on St. Lucia.

Other popular spots for Caribbean beach weddings are on Grand Cayman and Jamaica. The former offers all the same options as many of the others, but afterwards you can go snorkel with the stingrays. See if you have a friend who can say the same thing about their wedding. And Jamaica offers many impressive wedding packages to all its travelers, and though it has yet to invent an all-inclusive Caribbean wedding, it only seems a matter of time.

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