Cayman Islands Airport

Cayman Islands Airport, or the Owen Roberts International Airport as it is officially titled, can be found on the island of Grand Cayman. There are other airports on the smaller islands, but the Owen Roberts Airport is where most of the air travelers arrive. Of all the airports that can be found in the Western Caribbean, the main Cayman Islands Airport is one of the largest. Hurricane Ivan damaged much of this Grand Cayman airport when it swept through in 2004, though the airport is back on its feet and functioning well, thanks to multi-million dollar renovations.

There is one main terminal building at the Cayman Islands Airport on Grand Cayman, and it serves as a base for the local airlines. Direct flights from the U.S. can be booked from a handful of cities, including Miami and New York. Direct flights to the Grand Cayman Airport also depart from the UK, as well as Jamaica. There are direct flights to the other Cayman Islands airports too, though these are relatively few in number. As such, most people who wish to fly to the smaller islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Island hop on a connecting flight at the Grand Cayman Airport.

Approximately 1 million air travelers pass through the main Cayman Islands Airport every year, and while it isn't the most complete airport on the planet, there are sufficient traveler amenities. These amenities include fast food eateries, a café, a few restaurants, and a healthy array of shops. Plans are in the works to expand the airport, and the expansion would add more food and beverage options, as well as other amenities.

If you are looking for a Cayman Island Airport shuttle, it is next to impossible at the Owen Roberts International Airport. None of the hotels on the main island are allowed to provide shuttle services for their guests. For those who are interested in Cayman Island airport transportation, it is worth noting that a Cayman Island airport shuttle is easier to come by at the Little Cayman Island Airport and the airport on Cayman Brac. The hotels on these islands don't face the same restrictions. At Grand Cayman Airport, travelers usually have to take a taxi or rent a car when it comes to ground transportation. The rental car agencies on the island of Grand Cayman offer airport pick-up services, and this can be especially convenient after a long flight. Many of the travelers who take advantage of these services base themselves at one of the hotels, resorts, or villas along nearby Seven Mile Beach.

Whether travelers take a Cayman Island airport shuttle to get to their intended destinations or they rely on the other available transportation methods, it won't be hard to get in a relaxed state of mind once they settle in. These are some of the most relaxed islands in the Caribbean, and it's easy to forget about the worries of everyday life while diving at sites such as Bloody Bay Wall and enjoying the views from The Bluff while hiking on Cayman Brac. These are just some of the fun things to do on a Cayman Islands vacation, and since it can be hard to leave this small Caribbean archipelago, missing the return flight home is likely to be tempting.

Image: Jay Easterbrook - Divetech
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