Cayman Islands Beach Hotels

Cayman Islands beach hotels dominate the lodging scene. There are also plenty of vacation rentals on the beach for visitors to choose from. The advantage to staying at a beach hotel versus a vacation rental is the fact that you will typically have more facilities at your disposal. More often than not, these facilities will include a freshwater swimming pool, at least one enticing restaurant, and a watersports complex of some kind. Many of the Cayman Islands beach hotels also have onsite dive operations, as the underwater world found just offshore is exceptionally dynamic. Since the beach hotels and the beach resorts in the Cayman Islands share a lot of common attributes, they are essentially one in the same.

While the Cayman Islands get a lot of attention for their diving and snorkeling, there are also some fantastic beaches to take advantage of during a visit. The most famous of these beaches is Seven Mile Beach. The hotels on Seven Mile Beach are the most popular beach hotels in the Cayman Islands, and there are several great options to choose from. Topping the list on the luxury side of things are the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Resort and the Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa. The Ritz is the most luxurious of the pair, and it is also the largest of the Grand Cayman beach hotels. In terms of size, the Westin Casuarina is also relatively large, offering 343 well-outfitted guest units.

Resorts such as the Ritz and the Westin can be excellent places to stay on a Cayman Islands getaway for a number of reasons. Due to their size and lofty rates, however, some visitors will prefer one of the other Cayman Islands beach hotels. The bulk of the hotels on Seven Mile Beach are mid-range hotels, and these include the Discovery Point Club. As is true of many of the Cayman Islands beach hotels, the Discovery Point Club is a condominium hotel. The condominium hotels in the Cayman Islands blend the hotel experience with the vacation rental experience, and some travelers find this to be the best lodging fit.

Most of the Cayman Islands beach hotels offer guest units that are akin to rental properties in many ways. At the Grand Cayman Beach Suites Hotel, for example, the one- and two-bedroom suites have separate dining, living, and sleeping areas, and while they lack full kitchens, they are equipped with kitchenettes. Those who prefer having a full kitchen in their guest unit might prefer one of the condos at the Treasure Island Resort. Other west coast Grand Cayman beach hotels that are worth keeping in mind include the Sunset House and the Marriott Grand.

The hotels on Seven Mile Beach might be the most popular beach hotels on Grand Cayman Island, but they aren't the only ones worth considering. Over on the eastern end, the 70-unit Reef Resort (pictured) offers good value. It also offers a more relaxed atmosphere than the Grand Cayman beach hotels that can be found on the western side. As is true of most of the Cayman Islands beach hotels, the Reef Resort boasts a considerable amount of facilities, and they include a dive operation, tennis courts, swimming pools, a spa, and a fitness room. Another great beach hotel that can be found outside of Seven Mile Beach is the Turtle Nest Inn. This small beach hotel in Bodden Town can be the ideal place to escape to, especially when an intimate beach hotel experience is the aim. There are only eight apartments at the Turtle Nest Inn, and they all have full kitchens.

The smaller islands in the Cayman Islands chain don't boast nearly as many beach hotels as Grand Cayman Island does. Both Little Cayman Island and Cayman Brac Island are also devoid of luxury hotels, though there are a few resorts that offer some good amenities and services. The Cayman Islands beach hotels that can be found on the smaller islands are laid-back havens where activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, and birding are the main activities.

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