Cayman Island Beaches

Cayman Islands beaches offer soft, powdery sand and beautiful, blue waters. Pine and palm trees are also part of the landscape at some of the beaches in the Cayman Islands, and in addition to providing shade, they can be used for hanging hammocks in various spots. Thanks to numerous offshore reefs, many of the beaches in this British island territory are protected from the open ocean. They boast waters that are as calm as they are clear. The calm conditions encourage plenty of swimming, and the water clarity only helps to attract anyone interest in snorkeling and diving. Many of the top Cayman Islands beaches double as snorkel and dive sites, so it's possible to do more than just swim or sunbathe. At the public beaches, watersports kiosks are present in good number, as are dive operators, so beachgoers can get into any number of fun pursuits.

The Grand Cayman Island beaches are widely considered to be the best beaches in the Cayman Islands, and according to some, they also figure among the best beaches in the entire Caribbean. Seven Mile Beach is the king of the Cayman Islands beaches, and it stretches along the majority of Grand Cayman's west coast. Officially known as West Bay Beach, Seven Mile Beach is not only known for its large size. It is also where the majority of the Cayman Islands hotels, bars, and restaurants can be found. Watersports of all kinds can be enjoyed at this famous Caribbean beach.

Some other relatively busy beaches can also be found on Grand Cayman's west coast, and they include the beaches in and around the capital of Georgetown. These beaches are all excellent snorkeling beaches, so visitors might want to pack a snorkel and a mask. Smith Cove is one of the best Grand Cayman Island beaches for snorkeling, and it can be found conveniently close to the capital of Georgetown.

There are many idyllic Grand Cayman Island beaches to choose from, and when a break from the relatively busy west coast is in order, at trip to Rum Point is always worth considering. Rum Point Beach can be found on the quieter north coast, and it can be an ideal place to escape to for a while. This beach is connected to the resort destination of Cayman Kai, so visitors won't have trouble finding accommodations. In addition to some enticing vacation rentals, visitors to Rum Point Beach and Cayman Kai will also find a watersports kiosk, a dive operator, and some good restaurants. The snorkeling is excellent just offshore, and it's worth noting that Rum Point can be an excellent place to embark on trips out to Stingray City.

Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point Beach are the most popular Grand Cayman Island Beaches, and for good reason. That being said, the island is home to great beaches, some of the most deserted of which lie on the oft-neglected eastern side. For travelers who rent a car, driving to the east side to hang out on relatively deserted beaches can be a fantastic way to spend a day. It's also possible to drive to the south coast destination of Bodden Town, where some more inviting beaches await.

While some Cayman Islands visitors spend all of their vacation time on Grand Cayman Island, others also look to add Little Cayman Island and Cayman Brac Island to the itinerary. These smaller islands don't boast beaches that are as large as the popular Grand Cayman Island beaches, and that's not where the only difference lies. On average, the Little Cayman beaches and the beaches on Cayman Brac are also less crowded than the beaches on Grand Cayman Island. Some quality beach resorts can be found on the smaller islands, and as is true of most of the Cayman Islands resorts, they cater mostly to divers, snorkelers, and anyone who is looking to relax.

When it comes to the Little Cayman beaches, Point of Sand is one of the best. Found on the eastern side of the island, Point of Sand Beach has a relatively secluded location that encourages guests to unwind. Snorkeling is the activity of choice at this pink-hued beach, and weekdays are the best time to visit. On weekends, Point of Sand Beach can get relatively busy, as travelers from nearby Cayman Brac like to hop over for some fun in the sun. As is true of most of the public Cayman Islands beaches, Point of Sand features restrooms and changing facilities, and parking is available.

The other Little Cayman beaches that deserve special recognition are those that can be found on Owen Island. This small island off Little Cayman's southwestern coast boasts some of the most deserted Cayman Islands beaches, though it will take some work to get to them. In addition to taking a rowboat, anyone who wishes to execute the 200-foot journey to Owen Island can also take a kayak or swim the gap.

The relatively small Cayman Brac beaches don't get as much attention as the beaches on Grand Cayman Island and Little Cayman Island. That doesn't mean that they can't satisfy the craving for some beach time, however. The southwestern side of Cayman Brac is home to the island's best beaches, with the northwest and northeast coasts also boasting some good strips of sand. The rest of the Cayman Brac coast is comprised of rocky ironshore beaches. Snorkeling figures among the top things to do on the Cayman Brac beaches. The main public beach on the south coast is an especially ideal place to snorkel, thanks to an offshore reef.

Cayman Island Beaches


Cayman Islands beaches offer soft, powdery sand and beautiful, blue waters. P...

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