Bloody Bay Wall

Bloody Bay Wall is one of the best diving sites in the Cayman Islands, and among the best dive sites in the Western Hemisphere. Bloody Bay Marine Park is the official name of this site off Little Cayman Island, and it is more a collection of sites than anything else. The park is actually home to 22 different sites, and most of them are deep. Reefs adorn the dive sites at Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman, and they are teeming with life. Area waters are known for their spectacular clarity.

Shallow dives are possible at Bloody Bay Wall, though the advanced divers aren't typically interested in staying near the surface. The reef drops off steeply at the park's various dive sites, and in some spots it is believed to plummet to a depth of almost 6,000 feet! The depths of the various dive sites at Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman have been disputed, though there is no arguing the fact that they are profound. The more advanced diver who is looking for a challenge can head out past the shallower sites. More often than not, the deeper water dives require a boat, as they can be found anywhere from a mile to almost three miles offshore.

While the deep water dive sites at Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman are better suited for advanced divers, beginners can enjoy the shallow sites. The reef at Bloody Bay Marine Park starts just offshore at a depth of around twenty feet, and there is plenty to see close to shore. The architectural aspects of this reef are impressive, and they attract more than just divers. Down the sides of the sloping reef, a wide variety of marine creatures make their homes. Soft and hard corals alike cling to the cliff walls, and the more mobile creatures include eels, lobsters, tiny shrimp, and numerous tropical fishes. The waters in the general area attract barracudas, turtles, sharks, and stingrays as well. Coincidentally, Cayman Islands visitors looking to get up close and personal with some stingrays won't want to miss Stingray City on Grand Cayman.

Diving at the Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the top things to do in the Cayman Islands, and for good reason. At Bloody Bay Wall, divers are sure to encounter marine creatures of all kinds, and the dramatic effect of the sloping reef is mesmerizing. Most visitors come for the diving, though it isn't necessary to strap on an air tank on if you want to do some underwater exploring. The shallow dive sites at Bloody Bay Wall Little Cayman can also be enjoyed while snorkeling.

Regardless of whether they plan on snorkeling or diving, Bloody Bay Wall visitors could spend days at the park, as there is no shortage of things to see. The Little Cayman Beach Resort offers some enticing spa packages, and it can make for a good base when more than just a day trip to Little Cayman Island is in order.

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