Cayman Islands Sailing

Cayman Islands sailing is an enticing endeavor, and even novice sailors can add it to the itinerary. The sailboat charters in Cayman Islands offer boats of various shapes and sizes, and beginners can always get started in a small dinghy after they take some introductory lessons or hire a skippered charter. For the more advanced sailor, renting a large yacht and heading out to sea might be the most enticing option, though it should be noted that yacht rentals aren't cheap.

The sailboat charters in Cayman Islands can set sailors up with a boat of their own, and this is known as a bareboat charter. They can also supply a crew for those who simply want to sit back and not have to worry about navigation and things the like. More than sightseeing can be enjoyed when it comes to Cayman Islands sailing, and many of the sailing charters offer some tantalizing activities for guests to enjoy when they're not taking in the soothing Caribbean scenery. Snorkeling at Stingray City is one of the most popular activities that can be added to the agenda on a Grand Cayman sailing charter.

Most of the waters that surround the Cayman Islands are relatively calm throughout the year, and the predominantly Northeast winds have an average speed of around fifteen knots. This means that the breezes are typically strong, but not too strong. The conditions off the west coast of Grand Cayman are especially ideal for sailing, as are the waters of the North Sound. Seven Mile Beach and the North Sound area are where most of the sailboat charters in Cayman Islands are found. Anyone interested in Grand Cayman sailing can also arrange a sailing charter at some of the other top destinations around the island, such as Rum Point.

For some, a Grand Cayman sailing adventure will be most ideal in the early evening hours, as there is a certain amount of enchantment that comes with watching the sunset while out at sea. In addition to sunset sailing trips, Grand Cayman visitors can also enjoy dinner cruises, and more often than not, a dinner cruise and a sunset sail are one in the same. For those who prefer doing their Cayman Islands sailing during the day, venturing out to Stingray City for some unforgettable snorkeling is a popular endeavor. The sailboat charters in Cayman Islands can be themed cruises that cater to the multitudes, or they can be private outings for families and other small groups.

In addition to snorkeling at Stingray City, those who are interested in enjoying some side activities on their Grand Cayman sailing adventure can also do some diving or fishing. The boat charter outfits in the Cayman Islands can help travelers choose an itinerary, and more often than not, the trips last anywhere from three to five hours, regardless of the activities that are planned. Longer sailboat charters in Cayman Islands can also be arranged for anyone who wants to enjoy more than just a few hours at sea.

Cayman Islands sailing is something that can be enjoyed regardless of which island visitors should find themselves on. The waters that surround Little Cayman Island and Cayman Brac Island tend to be less crowded than the waters that surround Grand Cayman, so it can be easy to escape from the world for a while.

Getting away from it all is at the heart of most Cayman Islands sailing trips, and there is no finer way to cruise the area waters than in a yacht. When it comes to renting a Cayman Islands yacht without a crew, a considerable level of sailing proficiency must be demonstrated, and crew or no crew, a hefty deposit will often be required. Sailing without a crew offers more freedom, though having a knowledgeable crew can come in handy should any safety concerns arise.

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