Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman Turtle Farm visits are extremely popular with Cayman Islands tourists, and it's not hard to understand why upon closer examination. For starters, visitors to the renowned Boatswain's Beach Cayman Turtle Farm, as this attraction is more officially known, can learn all about green sea turtles. These fascinating creatures used to be found in greater numbers in the waters that surround the Cayman Islands, and the Boatswain's Beach Cayman Turtle Farm is doing its part to help the species reestablish itself in the wild. The farm mainly exists to provide turtle meat to the local market. This, in turn, cuts down on turtle hunting.

For visitors who are interested, it is possible to try some turtle dishes at the Boatswain's Beach Grand Cayman Turtle Farm restaurant. Turtle meat is one of the most traditional foods in the Cayman Islands, and it is most often served as a steak or as a main ingredient in stews and soups. For turtle lovers, the farm's well-stocked gift shop might be a more inviting place to hang out, though it is worth noting that the restaurant also serves other kinds of food as well.

The turtles that are raised at Boatswain's Beach Cayman Islands Farm are kept in different ponds that are classified by the age of the turtles. On a tour, visitors can view turtles of all ages and sizes. They can also handle some of the smaller turtles. It would be hard to handle a fully grown green sea turtle, as they can weigh up to 600 pounds! Turtle-feeding sessions can also be enjoyed at Boatswain's Beach Grand Cayman Turtle Farm, and they are a big hit with kids in particular. After visitors learn about turtles at the farm, they can feed the colorful birds at the park or check out the exhibit that features reef sharks and eels. It is possible to view the sharks and eels from a dry vantage point or through a clear wall while snorkeling in an artificial lagoon.

After Hurricane Ivan heavily damaged the Boatswain's Beach Cayman Islands Turtle Farm in 2004, massive renovations were made. Today, it is part farm, part theme park. In fact, the farm is often referred to as Boatswain's Beach Adventure Park, and there are plenty of adventures to be had here. When visitors aren't snorkeling in the lagoon, they can splash around in the park's large swimming pool. Back on land, the nature trail at Boatswain's Beach is ideal for relaxing hikes. This trail passes through the West Bay woodlands, and along the way, hikers can stop to inspect a small cave system, and other things. Guided tours along the trail also highlight a butterfly garden, some of the island's resident reptiles, and a stop at a good birdwatching site. As a side note, those who enjoy the butterfly garden at the Boatswain's Beach Adventure Park are also likely to enjoy the excellent Butterfly Farm down at Seven Mile Beach.

The Boatswain's Beach Grand Cayman Turtle Farm is just part of the reason why the town of West Bay deserves a look on Cayman Islands vacations. While travelers are in the area, they might take advantage of the proximity of Stingray City. This popular dive and snorkel site is one of the other top Grand Cayman attractions, as the shallow waters are home to some of the friendliest stingrays in the Caribbean Sea. Between Boatswain's Beach Adventure Park and Stingray City, Cayman Islands visitors can learn a lot about some of the most curious creatures in the Caribbean Sea, not to mention get an up close and personal look at them.

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