Bodden Town Grand Cayman

Bodden Town Grand Cayman is a fantastic place to escape to, along with other popular island retreats of Seven Mile Beach and the busy capital of Georgetown. Only some 7,000 people live in this town on the southern coast of Grand Cayman, so it has little trouble maintaining its quiet appeal. In addition to visiting Pedro's Castle and the Pirate's Caves on a relaxing escape, visitors who are looking for things to do in Bodden Town can also take advantage of the town's location on the southern shore. While the most renowned Grand Cayman dive and snorkel sites can be found off the north and west coasts, there is also some good snorkeling and diving to be had off the lovely beaches in Bodden Town.

Bodden Town Grand Cayman was once the capital of the Cayman Islands. While that distinction now goes to Georgetown, Bodden Town is still regarded as being the place where Cayman Islands democracy was born. The Pedro St. James National Historic Site, or Pedro's Castle as it is also known, is more specifically where democracy was born in the island chain, and it can be found due west of town. In 1831, Pedro's Castle was where Grand Cayman residents met with the purpose of electing legislators. These legislators formed the Cayman Islands' first legislative assembly. Adding to the site's historical importance is the fact that it was where the Slavery Abolition Act was read not long after the legislative assembly was formed. It is worth noting that Pedro's Castle dates back to 1780, making it the oldest stone structure in the Cayman Islands.

Taking a tour at the Pedro St. James National Historic Site is one of the top things to do in Bodden Town, as is visiting the Pirate's Caves. A touristy attraction, the Pirate's Caves in Bodden Town are a series of natural caves that are partially underground. Rumor has it that actual pirates used to hide their treasure in these caves, and there are various decorations in place to drive the pirate theme home. On a self-guided tour of the Pirate's Caves in Bodden Town, visitors can expect to see mannequins dressed as pirates and fake treasure chests strewn about. Before the cave exploring begins, visitors will have the chance to check out a traditional cottage, as well as a rare blue iguana and a native Cayman parrot. Just across the street from the Pirate's Caves in Bodden Town is a cemetery that is believed to be home to actual pirate's graves, and many tourists add it to the itinerary while in town.

The list of things to do in Bodden Town can include some rewarding pursuits in and around the general area. East of town, for example, hiking enthusiasts can hop on the Mastic Trail and walk through pristine woodlands. A Bodden Town vacation itinerary can also include side trips to all the other great destinations and attractions that can be found on the island of Grand Cayman. These destinations and attractions include Rum Point Beach and Boatswain's Beach Turtle Farm. Anyone who is planning on enjoying a vacation in Bodden Town Grand Cayman can also arrange side trips to Little Cayman Island and Cayman Brac Island to get a taste of what these relaxed islands have to offer.

For Cayman Islands travelers who wish to base themselves in charming Bodden Town Grand Cayman, finding a good place to stay between the local vacation rentals and the Turtle Nest Inn shouldn't be hard. The vacation rentals often come in the form of condos, and they are relatively luxurious. As for the Turtle Nest Inn, it is a lovely inn that offers eight spacious apartments with full kitchens, an inviting freshwater pool, and a strip of beach for guests to enjoy. Both intimate and affordable, the Turtle Nest Inn can be a great alternative to the resorts and larger hotels on the busier west side.

Image: Dave Taylor
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