Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac is the second largest of the Cayman Islands, and it can be found on the northeastern edge of the chain near Little Cayman Island. While the length of the island is around twelve miles, the width is barely more than a mile in most spots. Less than 1,500 people call Cayman Brac home, and since the island is relatively undeveloped, there usually isn't any real traffic to contend with. One main road circles the island, and a few connecting roads offer inland avenues. It is possible to rent a car on a vacation to Cayman Brac, and due to the island's relatively small size, a bicycle can be effective for getting around.

Helping to distinguish Cayman Brac from Grand Cayman and Little Cayman is the limestone bluff that dominates the island's eastern side. The Bluff, as this natural plateau is appropriately known, gently rises to an elevation of 140 feet above sea level. Along its coastal reaches, waves crash into the base of the cliffs in a dazzling display. The views from the Bluff's top are spectacular, and many visitors have taken to climbing the craggy walls for a different perspective. More than 150 caves were carved out of the limestone cliffs over the years, and they can be a pleasure to explore for adventurous souls.

The bulk of the Cayman Brac attractions are natural ones, and while most of the coastline is rocky ironshore, there are some sandy beaches that can be ideal places for a lazy day getaway. For travelers who wish to add some beach time to their list of things to do on Cayman Brac, the sandy beaches can be found on the northwest, northeast, and southwest coasts. The east coast is dominated by the rocky cliffs of the Bluff, so it is better left for other activities, such as climbing.

The most popular Cayman Brac beach hotels can be found on the southwest coast, and they include the diver friendly Brac Reef Resort. Shore diving on Cayman Brac is one of the most popular things to do, and guests at the island's hotels can enjoy as much of it as they can handle. When they're not shore diving, guests can venture out in boats to visit some sites found further offshore. It's even possible to cruise over to Little Cayman for a day of diving at Bloody Bay Wall.

The list of things to do on Cayman Brac Island is mostly limited to eco-related pursuits, as this pristine Caribbean outpost isn't about glitz, glamor, or large-scale development. In addition to scuba diving in the area waters, visitors can also explore the underwater world while snorkeling. Snorkeling tours can be arranged at the various hotels, and it's also possible to grab a snorkel and venture out on your own. The north coast is arguably the best for snorkeling, with the waters off the northwest side boasting the most impressive coral formations.

While fishing isn't as eco-friendly as diving or snorkeling, it too is one of the most popular and rewarding things to do on Cayman Brac. The relatively calm waters off the southwest coast are protected by a reef, and they are especially good for bonefishing. In addition to bonefish, anglers can hope to snag some tuna, snapper, sailfish, or marlin on a Cayman Brac fishing excursion.

Nature trails also figure among the best Cayman Brac attractions, with the trails that cross the Bluff offering some of the most advanced hiking conditions. Since some of the trails aren't well maintained, proper hiking boots can come in handy. Hiking along the coast can be splendid, it's also worth heading inland for the chance to walk along trails like the Parrot Reserve. This nature trail is found in the heart of the island, and it affords hikers the opportunity to spot some endangered Cayman parrots.

In addition to hiking, those who are looking for fun things to do on Cayman Brac Island can also go rock climbing. Rock climbing has become popular in recent years on this small Caribbean outpost, and a number of climbers have left climbing posts behind at the Bluff. Once rock climbers get their gear on and affix their ropes to a climbing post, they can hop over the edge of the Bluff and enjoy an exhilarating descent.

For those who want to party hardy on a Caribbean getaway, Cayman Brac is not the best island. That being said, a few bars across the island are known to get lively from time to time, so the nightlife isn't nonexistent. Most visitors, however, replace partying with sleeping after dinner is done, as they usually have some activities on tap for the following day.

Travelers who are interested in enjoying taking advantage of the naturally-wonderful Cayman Brac attractions can always sail to the island on their private boat. They can also hop on a plane to get there, and this is the most popular option. While direct flights to Cayman Brac are available, they are relatively few in number, with the bulk of them originating out of Miami. Flying to Grand Cayman first and then taking a small plane to Cayman Brac is the norm.

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