Cayman Island Hotels

Of the three Cayman Islands, few stay anywhere but the main island – Grand Cayman. Though there are a few small resorts and condos on the two smaller islands, they are rented primarily by divers and sailors. Since the Cayman Islands mainly try to bring in the average package tour traveler, the more developed larger island is a pocket of activity year-round, and the many Cayman Island hotels and resorts stand as testament to that fact.

Not only do the Cayman Islands cater to the package tour traveler, but also to the well-off traveler. Maybe it's the islands" reputation as a financial powerhouse, but things don't come cheap here, and that goes for Grand Cayman hotels too. Seven Mile Beach is home to many of these, though West Bay holds their own. If budget travelers somehow make it to the shores of Grand Cayman, there are a handful of guest houses and Cayman Island hotels to accommodate them. Edlemire's and the Rocky Shore Guest House carve out their own niche on the scenic island, but don"t expect to find yourself near a beach. Those Grand Cayman hotels are double the price.

That"s not even counting all the Cayman Island resorts you'll find – there seems to be an interminable row of them on Seven Mile Beach alone. The Westin Casuarina Resort and Spa is definitely one of the most spacious and expensive Cayman Island resorts on the large island. Most of the choices you'll find here are chain resorts and hotels, but it certainly doesn't seem to bother many of the satisfied visitors frolicking in the surf. The Discovery Point Club is famous for its snorkeling and its protected beaches. The Cobalt Coast Resort is for those who want seclusion even on a crowded beach. The diving on its private beach makes this one of the most sought after Cayman Island resort. Another note about Grand Cayman hotels: quite a few were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, and while many have reopened better than ever, there may still be a bit of construction going on.

Those open to moving from the main island can find a few Cayman Island hotels on either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman. The accommodations on Cayman Brac are especially charming, as they are mainly small family-owned manors, where you are treated to a more authentic Caribbean experience. With less than 2000 people populating the island, a small town feel is inevitable - and along with it the hospitality you would expect from a small town. You will find much the same atmosphere on Little Cayman but in much smaller numbers, as it is about one tenth the size of even Cayman Brac. At no point do the locals outnumber the tourists, but there is so much open space you may not even notice.

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