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Cayman Islands fishing is widely available and there are different kinds of excursions for angling enthusiasts to choose from. Cayman Islands deep sea fishing takes top honors among those who hope to snag a marlin or a sailfish, and the local guides know where to go. For fly fishing enthusiasts, the flats that surround the islands are ideal, and the South Hole Lagoon on Little Cayman is a bone fishing heaven. Cayman Island fishing charters are relatively easy to arrange, and it's also possible to cast a line on many a spot along the shore. Shore fishing is a popular pursuit, and it can be an ideal complement to heading out in a boat.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, and the fact that it is home to the bulk of the territory's hotels and vacation rentals makes it a popular travel base. For those who are interested in doing some Grand Cayman Island fishing, there are many options. This might be the best island when it comes to arranging a Cayman Islands deep sea fishing excursion, as the charter companies are relatively plentiful, especially at Georgetown and the tourist hot spot that is Seven Mile Beach.

In addition to deep sea excursions, those who are hoping to add a Grand Cayman Island fishing adventure to their itinerary can also arrange fly fishing, bone fishing, and reef fishing sessions. Reef fishing simply involves casting a line along a reef, with snapper and grouper figuring among the most common catches. Tarpon fishing is also popular when it comes to Grand Cayman Island fishing, and during the months of June and July, the blue marlin are biting. June and July are arguably the best months for fishing the waters off Grand Cayman, though winter can be a good time to visit as well. During the winter months, bonefish, tuna, and wahoo are usually what anglers try to catch on Grand Cayman Island fishing trips.

Cayman Island fishing charters can be arranged on all of the main islands, so visitors who enjoy the sport don't have to stick to Grand Cayman. In fact, Little Cayman Island is widely regarded as being the top Cayman Islands fishing destination. Bloody Ball Wall is one of the most renowned fishing spots off Little Cayman, as is the South Hole Lagoon. The former is part of a marine park that can be found off the north coast, and it is also a popular snorkeling and diving destination. As for the South Hole Lagoon, it is a small sound on the southern side that is approximately two miles long and half a mile wide. The shallow waters of the lagoon are ideal for bone fishing, tarpon fishing, and permit fishing. A small collection of resorts on Little Cayman Island offer fishing excursions of various kinds, and there is a full-service facility on the island for those who aren't taking advantage of the resort services.

Cayman Brac is the third main island in the Cayman Islands chain, and it can be just as ideal as the other two for a fishing vacation. Between Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, it's hard to say which offers the best Cayman Islands fishing. All along the Cayman Brac coast, big game fish are known to swim close to shore, and common catches include grouper, wahoo, tuna, and sailfish. Highly coveted marlins also frequent the waters that surround this relatively quiet Caribbean island, and the bonefish tend to congregate off the southwestern side. It's not necessary to venture far from shore when it comes to Cayman Islands deep sea fishing. On deep sea fishing excursions in Cayman Brac, for example, some of the best fishing spots are less than a mile from shore.

The Cayman Island fishing charters offer excursions to fit a range of tastes and preferences, and often times, these fishing trips also include some snorkeling or diving. Most of the charters can handle up to eight people, and anglers can choose from half or full day trips. It's mostly catch-and-release in the Cayman Islands, and anyone hoping to cast their lines without a guide should be aware of the various regulations.

While summer and winter are widely considered to be the peak seasons, the fishing in the Cayman Islands is good year round. Late April might be the best time to visit the Cayman Islands for serious fishing enthusiasts, as that's when the island territory's top fishing event takes place. The Cayman Islands Fishing Tournament is held over the course of a couple of days, and healthy payouts are awarded to those who do well in the various fishing competitions.

Image: Don McDougall, CIDoT
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