Georgetown Grand Cayman

Georgetown Grand Cayman is the Cayman Islands capital, and it's where the cruise ships pull into port. It's also where the bulk of the numerous and well-known Cayman Islands banks are located. Cruise ship passengers and other tourists who are looking for fun things to do in Georgetown can shop for hours, and a rewarding walking tour can be wrapped up in about an hour when time is an issue. On the shopping side of things, the duty-free shops are especially popular, and they offer discounted rates on anything from fashion accessories to china. In addition to the duty-free shops, visitors to the capital of the Cayman Islands can also see what the various boutiques and other shops have to offer. As for the walking tours in Georgetown, they usually include some shopping. The temptation to head due north for some fun in the sun is also likely to hit.

Georgetown Grand Cayman isn't a large city. In fact, only some 30,000 residents call the Cayman Islands capital home. Many of these residents work as bankers or in the tourism industry. These are the two main industries in the Cayman Islands, and Georgetown is by all means the financial center. Between the cruise ship facilities, the shopping plazas, and the decent selection of restaurants, Georgetown Grand Cayman also serves the needs of tourists. For Cayman Islands visitors who are interested in government and politics, the city is also home to the offices of the government.

Georgetown Grand Cayman can be found on the western side of the island just south of famed Seven Mile Beach. This beach is one of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands, and it is lined with resorts and villas. Some interesting beach shops can also be found along Seven Mile Beach, and they only add to the area shopping opportunities. Back down in Georgetown, visitors who are enjoying a walking tour might check out the Cayman Islands National Museum for a comprehensive look at the history of the Cayman Islands. Tours in Georgetown can also include a visit to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

Georgetown Grand Cayman is a relatively modern Caribbean capital, and it is usually alive with activity. The shops and restaurants are at their fullest when the cruise ships are visiting, and sometimes, numerous ships pull into port. There are hundreds of banks in the capital of the Cayman Islands, as it is a huge offshore banking center, and visitors are just as likely to see fellow tourists at the local restaurants as they are bankers. Dining out is one of the top things to do in Georgetown, and the restaurants can be especially busy during the lunchtime hours.

There are some good restaurants to choose from in the capital of the Cayman Islands, and visitors who want to sample some local cuisine might try some turtle. Turtle is about as traditional as it gets when it comes to Cayman Islands cuisine, and it is most often served as a steak or as the main ingredient in a savory stew or soup. Less adventurous eaters can always skip the turtle meat on culinary tours in Georgetown. Some of the local restaurants serve up fresh lobster other seafood favorites, while others specialize in pub grub. The dining scene in the Cayman Islands is more exciting than ever, and the capital is an excellent place to enjoy a satisfying meal.

The list of things to do in Georgetown is longer than it might appear at first glance. Diving and snorkeling is at the heart of many a Cayman Islands vacation, and it is easy to arrange diving and snorkeling tours in Georgetown. Stingray Beach, which can be found off the island's north coast, is an especially popular dive and snorkel site, and tours are offered daily. Near Georgetown, the Butterfly Farm can make an excellent place to spend some time between dives and dining adventures. This relatively new attraction near town features butterflies from around the world, and it also boasts a variety of moth species. The guided tours at the Butterfly Farm can be very rewarding, as can spending some time on nearby Seven Mile Beach after the tour ends.

Between the capital and nearby West Bay, visitors to the west end of Grand Cayman will have no trouble finding things to do. This is the busiest area in the Cayman Islands, and there is a fair amount of hustle and bustle. If and when the urge for an increased amount of tranquility sets in on a Cayman Islands visit, there are plenty of options for getting away. Rum Point Beach on Grand Cayman offers a considerable amount of solitude, especially on weekdays, and the islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Island are known for their laid-back appeal. After they finish up their tours in Georgetown and nearby West Bay, many Cayman Islands visitors venture off to the smaller and quieter islands, if not the more peaceful east end of Grand Cayman.

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