Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest island in the Cayman Islands, and it is also the busiest. On the western shore, the capital of Georgetown opens onto the waters of the Caribbean Sea, its hundreds of banks being responsible for the island's prolific offshore banking reputation. Most tourists aren't interested in the banking side of things on a Grand Cayman vacation, however. Instead, they come for the world-class diving, the spectacular beaches, and the satisfying mix of shops and restaurants. The tourist attractions on Grand Cayman Island offer something for everyone, and there is no shortage of enticing accommodations to choose from.

Most of the tourist action on Grand Cayman Island takes place on the west coast, with Seven Mile Beach being the place where the bulk of the island's visitors opt to stay. In addition to a variety of beach resorts and hotels, Seven Mile Beach is also home to many vacation rentals. The snorkeling and diving opportunities at this famous Cayman Islands beach are excellent, and most of the hotels offer some kind of diving or watersports operation.

Due south of Seven Mile Beach is Georgetown, and the town of West Bay lies to the immediate north. Between the cruise ship facilities, the shopping plazas, and the decent selection of restaurants, Georgetown caters to tourists as much as it does bankers and business people. For Cayman Islands visitors who are interested in government and politics, the city is also home to the offices of the government. Up in West Bay, the list of things to do includes visiting Boatswain's Beach Turtle Farm and dropping in on the small town of Hell.

Boatswain's Beach Cayman Turtle Farm has been one of the top tourist attractions on Grand Cayman Island for some time now, and visitors to this fascinating farm and marine park can do more than learn about turtles. Snorkeling and diving in the lagoon is also possible, and those who want to enjoy an adventurous dining experience can sample some turtle meat. The nearby town of Hell can be a fun place to hang out for a short while. Most visitors check out the town's craggy limestone formations and take the opportunity to get a piece of mail postmarked with the town's unique name.

One of the other top tourist attractions on Grand Cayman Island is the Pedro St. James National Historic Site. The stone structure at this site is where Cayman Islands democracy was born, so it is of specific interest. The Pedro St. James National Historic site can be found near Bodden Town on the relatively quiet south coast. Travelers who are looking for interesting things to do on Grand Cayman Island can also explore a small cave system on a trip to Bodden Town or go snorkeling at the area beaches.

Much like West Bay and the resort destination of Cayman Kai, Bodden Town is a fantastic place to escape to when breaks from Seven Mile Beach and Georgetown are in order. The extremely quiet eastern side is always worth keeping in mind. At 76 square miles, Grand Cayman isn't exactly a large island. The drive from Georgetown to Cayman Kai or the eastern shores only takes about 45 minutes, and it takes even less time to get to West Bay or Bodden Town. Taking an island tour that highlights all of the main destinations is one of the top things to do on Grand Cayman Island, and while most of these tours involve staying on the ground, visitors can also enjoy an overhead view of things from the seat of a helicopter.

The main airport in the Cayman Islands can be found on Grand Cayman Island, and it is just a short drive away from Georgetown and Seven Mile Beach. Direct flights to Cayman Brac are also available, though most air travelers arrive at the Grand Cayman airport instead. Should the urge to venture off to one of the smaller islands set in, daily flights from Grand Cayman to both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman provide the most common means of transportation.

For travelers who want to enjoy some fun in the Caribbean sun, a Grand Cayman vacation can deliver. This island enjoys a high standard of living, thanks to the banking and tourism industries, and as is true on the other islands, the residents are known for being friendly. Diving and snorkeling top the list of things to do on Grand Cayman Island, but there are many other things that visitors could also add to the itinerary. Other activities that can be added to the agenda on a Grand Cayman vacation include deep sea fishing, hiking on woodland trails, kayaking along mangrove shores, and sailing into the sunset with that special someone.

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