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Grand Cayman hotels range from ritzy beachfront resorts to intimate inns by the sea, and the bulk of them line Seven Mile Beach. This long beach is one of the finest in the Caribbean, and it is also home to a variety of vacation rentals. When guests at the Seven Mile Beach hotels and vacation rentals aren't sunbathing, swimming, or enjoying a range of fun watersports, the busy shops and restaurants of Georgetown will be a short drive away. The relatively busy environs of West Bay will also be close by. Between West Bay and Georgetown, there aren't a lot of hotels to choose from, though West Bay offers some enticing lodging establishments that can be a good alternative to the hotels on the Seven Mile strip.

The Grand Cayman hotels are relatively expensive on the whole, and the rates are at their highest during the peak mid-December to mid-April travel season. There isn't a bad time to visit the Cayman Islands, but budget-minded travelers might plan to visit during the off season. The rates at the hotels on Grand Cayman Island are known to drop anywhere from 20 to 40 percent once the peak season comes to an end. Also worth considering when it comes to saving some money at the Grand Cayman hotels are the Cayman Island vacation packages. These packages, whether they are offered by a hotel or a travel company, often include discounts on everything that they include.

There are a lot of attractive Grand Cayman Island accommodations to choose from, and for those who are interested in luxurious lodging, the Ritz-Carlton is hard to beat. This largest resort in the island chain is also the most upscale, and it enjoys a location in the heart of Seven Mile Beach. The grounds of the glitzy Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman cover more than 140 acres, and they border both Seven Mile Beach and the waters of the usually calm North Sound. A lot of space is needed to accommodate all the resort's fantastic facilities. These facilities include a Greg Norman-designed golf course, a spa, five enticing restaurants, a collection of pools, and an onsite diving operation. Most of the hotels on Grand Cayman Island offer diving services of some kind, as there is no shortage of world-class dive sites to be found just offshore.

For those who can't afford luxurious Grand Cayman Island accommodations, there are some more affordable options on Seven Mile Beach. Right next door to the Ritz-Carlton, the four-star Sunshine Suites Resort (pictured) offers great rates, as well as attractive accommodations. All of the 130 suites at the Sunshine Suites Resort are equipped with kitchens, and a guest barbecue area is also available for guests who like to cook. As for the beach, it can be reached by foot in about five minutes. Some of the Grand Cayman visitors don't mind being a little removed from Seven Mile Beach, as this usually means that the rates will be more reasonable.

While the Seven Mile Beach hotels on Grand Cayman Island are popular for a number of reasons, visitors who are looking to enjoy a different atmosphere can always look to the north in West Bay or to the south in Georgetown. Up in West Bay, the Cobalt Coast Resort & Suites caters to divers first and foremost, though non-divers can also take advantage of the stylish suites and the relaxed environment. Unlike the Seven Mile Beach hotels, the relatively small and upscale Cobalt Coast Resort & Suites is allowed to offer an airport shuttle for its guests to make your arrival simpler. As for the Georgetown Grand Cayman hotels, there aren't a lot of options in town, so the nearby Sunset House Resort has little trouble maintaining its popularity. This relatively affordable beach hotel just south of the capital also caters primarily to divers, and there are some great dive sites just offshore. As for the 59 rooms and suites, they are relatively simple, though most guests don't plan on spending a lot of time in them anyways.

All of the Grand Cayman Island accommodations that are not found on the west coast offer an especially relaxed environment, so travelers who are looking to unwind might rent a car and head east. On the north coast, the resort destination of Cayman Kai boasts some of the best vacation rental properties on the island, and down near Bodden Town, the intimate Turtle Nest Inn and its eight enticing apartments are hard to neglect. The narrow beach at the Turtle Nest Inn might not be as large or famous as Seven Mile Beach or the beaches in Cayman Kai, but it can satisfy the need for some beach time without issue. The snorkeling off the beach is especially good.

As for the Grand Cayman hotels that can be found on the quiet eastern side of the island, the Reef Resort is arguably the best. This well-priced timeshare resort has a spa, a diving operation, a tennis court, more than one swimming pool, and a host of other facilities. It also sits on a lovely beach that is usually far less crowded than the other beaches on the island. Those who find the Reef Resort to their liking might also fancy the resorts and hotels on Little Cayman or Cayman Brac. As is true of the Reef Resort, the Cayman Brac hotels and the Little Cayman hotels are known for being extra laid back.

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