Little Cayman

Little Cayman Island has an appropriate name, as it is anything but big. Just ten miles long and a mile wide at its widest point, this is the smallest island in the Cayman Islands, and it is also the least populated. Only around 150 people call the island home, and since there isn't much in the way of development, most of them work in the tourism industry. As is true on the other islands in this small Caribbean archipelago, the Little Cayman diving is superb, and that's what brings the bulk of the visitors in. Diving isn't the only option when it comes to things to do on Little Cayman Island, however, and tourism is increasing thanks to the fact that more and more travelers are beginning to see the allure of a Little Cayman escape.

Little Cayman is a little less than 70 miles away from the main island of Grand Cayman, and most travelers hop on a small plane at the Grand Cayman airport to get here. Larger planes can not be accommodated, as the airstrip is nothing more than sealed sand. Little Cayman possesses a pristine appeal, and it's especially ideal for eco-tourists who are looking to escape to a quiet spot in the Caribbean. Many people refer to the island as being the gem of the Cayman Islands chain, though the other islands could make an argument as well. The Little Cayman hotels are few in number, as are the vacation rentals, but since the island never gets overcrowded, visitors should have no trouble finding a place to stay. The hotels tend to offer enticing packages for guests to consider, and sometimes, these packages are all inclusive. The Little Cayman diving packages are the most popular, and they always feature at least one dive at the famed site of Bloody Bay Wall.

Little Cayman Island vacations usually revolve around diving, snorkeling, and relaxing. When visitors aren't enjoying one of these activities, they can swim or kayak out to Owens Island to spend some time on the undeveloped beaches. They can also do some birding at the Booby Pond Nature Reserve or get your fishing tackle and go for an unforgettable fishing adventure. For visitors who are hoping to do a lot of fishing on their Little Cayman Island vacations, the bonefish and tarpon fishing is especially ideal, and it can be enjoyed year round. On the southern side of the island is the South Hole Lagoon, and while deep sea fishing is possible, many anglers stick to the excellent light tackle and fly fishing that the lagoon has to offer. There's also a landlocked lake known as Tarpon Lake that can be an ideal place to fly fish.

Life moves at a slow pace on Little Cayman Island, and when it comes down to it, few destinations in the world are as ideal for relaxing. Little Cayman diving can satisfy at least a few days, if not a few weeks, and while there isn't much in the way of nightlife, the hotel bars can get lively from time to time. Locals, some of whom are expatriates, mix with tourists at the hotel bars. Many Little Cayman Islands vacations are repeat visits, and it's not hard to understand why. The typical stresses of everyday life are simply hard to come by here.

Image: Patrick Gorham
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