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Little Cayman hotels provide travelers with inviting places to relax, and all of the ones worth considering can be found along the coast. For those who are wondering where to stay on Little Cayman Island, most of the hotels can be found on the western side of the island. This side is where the bulk of the action is, and it's also where you'll find the Little Cayman airport and the main town of Blossom Village. None of the Little Cayman hotels is overly luxurious, as the focus is mostly on the diving and the fishing. Adding to the lodging choices are some vacation rental complexes that will arguably be a better fit for luxury-minded travelers. There aren't a lot of Little Cayman accommodations to choose from, but between the hotels and the vacation rentals, visitors should find the lodging options to be more than sufficient.

While discerning travelers who are wondering where to stay on Little Cayman Island won't have any posh hotels at their disposal, there are a few resorts that offer a reasonable amount of comfort, amenities, and services. They include the Little Cayman Beach Resort, the Pirate's Point Resort, and the Southern Cross Club. All of these resorts are relatively expensive, as is true of most of the Cayman Island hotels.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort (pictured) is the largest of the Little Cayman hotels, and it offers the most in the way of activities. The facilities at this laid-back lodging include a pool, a spa, a tennis court, and an excellent diving operation. There's also a restaurant and a bar onsite, not to mention a gym where guests can stay on top of their workouts. Various watersports can be enjoyed during a stay at the 40-unit Little Cayman Beach Resort, and bicycles are available for land adventures.

The ten rooms at Pirate's Point are akin to bungalows. In addition to the room, the all inclusive packages at this Little Cayman diving resort include gourmet meals, two daily dive trips, and unlimited snorkeling. Reefs and fascinating creatures can be found in the area waters, and when snorkelers and divers aren't out in a boat, they can enter the water from the resort's beach for a satisfying adventure. When it comes to the Little Cayman accommodations, Pirate's Point shouldn't be overlooked, especially by those who are looking to enjoy an intimate lodging experience.

For Little Cayman visitors who want to enjoy some quality time on the beach, the Southern Cross Club might be the best lodging fit. That's because this small resort sits on what is arguably the best of the island's beaches. As is the case with the Cayman Brac hotels, the bulk of the Little Cayman hotels offer all inclusive packages, and such is the case at the Southern Cross Club. The diving services are of exceptional quality, and anglers will find the fishing services to also be of a considerable grade. As for the guest units, there are twelve bungalows to choose from, and all of them have a fresh and colorful décor. The Southern Cross Club might not be a five-star hotel, but the accommodations and facilities are of excellent quality.

When travelers find themselves wondering where to stay on Little Cayman Island, Sam McCoy's Diving & Fishing Lodge essentially rounds out the hotel options. Of all the Little Cayman hotels, Sam McCoy's is the cheapest, as well as the smallest. There are only eight guest units at this laid-back lodge, and they are simple, offering little more than a bed, a ceiling fan, and a small bathroom. Guests at Sam McCoy's Diving & Fishing Lodge don't usually plan on spending a significant amount of time in their rooms, as heading out to sea for fun diving and fishing adventures is what it's all about. Little Cayman Island isn't known for its nightlife, but the Saturday night beach parties at McCoy's bar can get pretty lively. All meals are included in the rates at Sam McCoy's Diving & Fishing Lodge, as are dives, and the location of the resort could hardly be better for diving enthusiasts. Bloody Ball Wall is just offshore.

The Little Cayman accommodations aren't limited to the diving and fishing resorts. Visitors can also book a vacation rental property. There are three main vacation rental complexes on the island, and they offer what might just be the best guest units on the island. At The Club at Little Cayman, for example, the condos are relatively luxurious, boasting an array of inviting amenities. When guests aren't relaxing in their comfortable condo at The Club, they can head over to the nearby Little Cayman Beach Resort and enjoy its facilities. Meal plans through the resort are also available for those who don't plan on spending a lot of time whipping up meals in their private kitchens.

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