Camana Bay Observation Tower

The Camana Bay Observation Tower is one of the newest attractions in the Cayman Islands. Open to the public and free of charge, this Cayman Islands Observation Tower offers 360-degree views of the bay, Seven Mile Beach, George Town, and the North Sound. If you want to combine lazy days on the beaches with seeing Cayman Islands tourist attractions, plan a visit to this observation tower in your itinerary. From a height of 75 feet you will see incredible views of the island that are sure to complement your trip—so remember your camera!

The Camana Bay Observation Tower is open from sunrise until 10 pm daily. Some visitors may choose to visit the tower more than once to see all it has to offer at different times of day. Sunrise is a stunning time to be perched on top of the tower, while other visitors may prefer the glowing orange sunset. To see the stars twinkling in all of their Caribbean glory, plan a trip to the Cayman Islands Observation Tower after dark. Kids and adults alike will love the opportunity to see the views from the top at night.

Other features make this one of the top Cayman Islands tourist attractions. A coral reef mosaic is an impressive artistic element to the Camana Bay Observation Tower. Located inside the tower, visitors will see the floor to ceiling mosaic as they climb the stairs. This climb will give travelers a feel of moving from the deep-sea floor all the way to the surface. The mosaic depicts different types of fish and coral that you will be able to see if you choose to go scuba diving during your trip to the Cayman Islands. As one of the most famous scuba diving locations in the world, the Cayman Islands are a great place to give this activity a try.

Second only to the views from the top, the mosaic is a favorite of visitors to the Cayman Islands Observation Tower. It is made up of 114 different colors and more than 3 million tiles. This intricate piece of art is the most detailed glass mosaic of its size in the world. This was a huge project and took a significant amount of time to complete, as the hand-cut tiles alone took one year to finish, and it took another eight months to assemble the mosaic as it is seen today. Many visitors are surprised to find such an incredibly detailed piece of art on the wall of one of the top Cayman Islands tourist attractions, and it’s well worth a look.

For visitors who don’t want to use the stairs, an elevator is available as well. You can take the elevator straight to the top or stop off on the various floors to experience all of the views. This free attraction serves to further expose visitors to the beauty of the Cayman Islands. Between adventurous activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or horseback riding on the beach, there are some attractions that are worth leaving the sand for an afternoon. The Cayman Islands are also well known for their fine dining, so after watching the sunset from the top of the Camana Bay Observation Tower, indulge in a delicious meal as the perfect end to your day.

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