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Cayman Island resort stays can revolve around relaxation, a lot of activity, or both. The bulk of the resorts in the Cayman Islands can be found on Grand Cayman Island's Seven Mile Beach, and they offer proximity to soft sands, calm waters, the airport, and the two largest towns in the Cayman Islands chain. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the Grand Cayman resorts that are found outside of the Seven Mile Beach area are worth keeping in mind, as are the few resorts that can be found on the smaller islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most glorious beaches in the Caribbean, and along its stretch is where most tourists choose to stay. No Cayman Island resort is more luxurious than the relatively new Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman at Seven Mile Beach. This is also the largest resort in the island chain, covering more than 140 acres with 365 guest units. All of the rooms and suites at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman are elegant and luxurious, and amenity highlights include premium bedding, marble bathrooms, and 24-hour room service. Outside of the guest units, the facilities include some of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands, a Greg Norman-designed golf course, a prestigious tennis complex, and an enticing spa. Adding to the allure of the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman is its location. This upscale retreat can be found right in the middle of Seven Mile Beach's long stretch.

The Westin Casuarina Resort tops the list of luxury beach resorts in Cayman Islands, and it too can be found on Seven Mile Beach. Offering 343 guest units, the Westin is also one of the largest beach resorts in Cayman Islands. Both rooms and suites are available, and the in-room amenities are akin to those at the Ritz. While it can be hard to tear yourself from your cozy guest unit at the upscale Westin Casuarina Resort, there are ample facilities to enjoy, and the beach is just steps away. This four-star Cayman Island resort boasts its own dive shop, and between the three restaurants and the three bars, it shouldn't be hard to find something good to eat or drink. There are also excellent children's programs, and an onsite spa.

Most of the Grand Cayman resorts are mid-range establishments. Should the rates at the Ritz and Westin resorts be too lofty, Grand Cayman travelers can enjoy a certain amount of luxury at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites Resort or the Marriott Grand. These two Grand Cayman resorts are luxurious enough for most tastes, and the fact that they offer complete facilities helps to make them extra attractive. The Grand Cayman Beach Suites Hotel (pictured) has everything that you might expect at a good beach hotel or resort, including meeting space that can be used for weddings, banquets, and conferences. As for the Marriott Grand, it is perhaps best known for its excellent snorkeling. Just offshore in front of the resort is an excellent artificial reef that can be a blast to explore. As for the cheaper beach resorts in Cayman Islands that can be found on or near Seven Mile Beach, the Treasure Island Condo Resort and the Sunshine Suites Resort figure among the best. The latter is found on the northern edge of Georgetown and is just a five-minute walk from Seven Mile Beach.

The Grand Cayman resorts are the most popular resorts in the Cayman Islands, and while Seven Mile Beach is where the bulk of them can be found, some are located elsewhere. In West Bay, the diver-friendly Cobalt Coast Resort & Suites can be an excellent place to steal away to. The Cobalt Coast Resort and Suites is more of a hotel than it is a resort, and it offers eleven stylish suites. On the north coast, the resort destination of Cayman Kai boasts un-crowded beaches and vacation rental properties that are very tempting.

When it comes to the Little Cayman resorts, the Little Cayman Beach Resort and the Pirates Point Resort are two of the frontrunners. These resorts figure among the all inclusive beach resorts in Cayman Islands, and they offer packages that cater to divers, with some options for non-divers alike. The Southern Cross Club is another Little Cayman resort that caters to divers, not to mention those who like to fish.

Over on Cayman Brac Island, the Brac Reef Beach Resort is the top lodging establishment, and it offers proximity to some excellent snorkel sites. When guests aren't snorkeling during their stay at the mid-range Brac Reef Beach Resort, they can go hiking and birding on the surrounding nature trails. They can also take advantage of the resort's facilities. These facilities include a dive shop, a freshwater pool, a day spa, a tennis court, a restaurant, and a bar, among other things.

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