Grand Cayman Car Rental

Grand Cayman car rental agencies can hook travelers up with a vehicle immediately after they arrive at the airport or once they settle in at their respective hotels or vacation rentals. For those who want to rent a car right away in Grand Cayman, the major rental agencies all have kiosks that can be reached by foot from the Grand Cayman airport. Travelers who wish to wait will most likely have to take a taxi to their intended destinations, especially since the Seven Mile Beach hotels aren't allowed to provide airport transfers. The bulk of the Grand Cayman hotels and resorts can be found along Seven Mile Beach, and most tourists choose to base themselves at one of them.

Most of the flights to the Cayman Islands arrive at the Owen Roberts Airport on Grand Cayman, though flights to Cayman Brac are available as well. Cayman Brac visitors who wish to secure a rental car can arrange for one to be delivered to the airport. Since the number of rental car agencies on the island is limited, booking well in advance is recommended. As for those who are planning on spending some time on Little Cayman Island, it isn't exactly the best place to secure a car rental in the Cayman Islands, as it is home to just one agency. The car rental agency on Little Cayman rents out cars and jeeps, and many visitors who wish to drive choose to go with a jeep.

There are a few things worth considering when it comes to a car rental in the Cayman Islands. For starters, this Caribbean Island chain is a British territory, and as is in the UK, the left side of the road is the side that people drive on. It's also important to note that anyone who wishes to rent a car in the Cayman Islands must also possess a valid driver's license. Once this requirement is met, it is then necessary to purchase a driving permit. Whether you choose to go with a Grand Cayman car rental or a rental vehicle on one of the smaller islands, the rental agency will provide you with the permit, and the fee is reasonable.

A car rental in the Cayman Islands isn't necessary for visitors who don't plan on doing an excessive amount of exploring. There are other ways of getting around, and they include taxis and bicycles. The Cayman Islands taxis are relatively expensive, and since it's all but impossible to hail one in the street, they usually have to be hired by phone. The Cayman Islands are relatively small, and a bicycle can also be a great way of getting around, especially on the islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. A number of Cayman Islands resorts and hotels offer bike rentals, and these rentals are often free. Walking can also be a good way to get from point A to point B on a Cayman Islands vacation, especially for those who aren't interested in straying too far from their accommodations.

A Grand Cayman car rental can be especially ideal for travelers who wish to explore the island, as Grand Cayman is the largest island in the chain. That being said, there are a number of tours to choose from, and these tours take care of the transportation whether you are thinking of venturing off to West Bay, Bodden Town, or Rum Point. On a Cayman Islands tour, a car, a bus, a boat, or even a helicopter might be your main means of transportation.

Since the Cayman Islands taxis and rental cars tend to be on the expensive side, travelers can save some money by avoiding them. That being said, taking a taxi or driving yourself is hard to beat when it comes to convenience and privacy. For those who really want to save on transportation costs, it is also possible to take a bus in the Cayman Islands. The routes aren't excessively numerous when it comes to the Cayman Islands buses, and it can take a while to make all the stops, so a certain amount of patience can come in handy.

Between the Cayman Islands taxis, the rental cars, the buses, and the bicycles, getting around is relatively easy. As is true in other Caribbean destinations, it's also possible to rent a scooter or moped on a Cayman Islands vacation. No pedaling is required on these motorized bikes, and while they might not be ideal for extended trips, they can be perfect for a short excursion to a beach.

Image: Patrick Gorham
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